Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy birthday, Sis

Happy Tuesday!!!

This past weekend one of my sisters had a birthday. This one just recently retired. and I think she is busier than ever. lol We haven't seen each other since last December. I'm hoping they can come to our July 4th barbeque.
Anyway this is her card. We love flamingoes. Our mom had some in the front yard under a mimosa tree when we were kids.

This file is from SVGCuts. Another one of Mary's fabulous cards.

Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A little craziness

Hi, all. It's 6 pm Sunday. I have been trying to post all day. Each time I click on "new post" I get some error message. Well I was just fooling around with it again and I noticed that under the error message, there was the shadowy page I've been trying to get to.

so I x-ed out the error message and here it is.

So here is a new post. (it really shouldn't be so hard to post) lol

One of my hubby's golf buddies had a knee replacement and he wanted me to make him a card. Here it is.

I like the way it turned out. Hubby said he did too.

Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy Monday

Well, it's a happy Monday for my SIL. It's the first Monday of her retirement! Yea, Toni!

Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday. It's a big one, 65. We have spent the last few months trying to decide what insurance to keep while signing up for Medicare. It really is confusing. Now it's done and all we can do is hope for the best. At least we only have to go through it once. You see, I will be 65 in a couple of weeks so they were able to get us both signed up for everything at one time.

So, I have his birthday card to show you. I loved the card when I saw it but I didn't realize how it opened. It's a fishing vest and the front opens in 2 pieces.  If it opened on each side like a gate fold it would have been really cute but it opens top to bottom, in 2 pieces. I didn't think that was a good design. So I used the sign on the front to join them so they open together. I like it much better.

Take a look:

I think it is so cute!

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Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Friday, June 5, 2015

A good Friday

Happy Friday, everyone. I actually slept til 7am today. The sun was up! Of course I didn't sleep straight through, haven't done that in over 30 years. But it felt good not to have to be up early.

I have a little gazebo to show you today. I've been making cards I am going to need this summer and a few summer goodies to use in the house. It will be a mix of summertime and patriotic that will be up till at least September or longer. I just love red white and blue.

This gazebo is a sil file by Lori Whitlock.

This one was very easy to put together. I have learned with certain artists, to check out the tutorial before I buy the file. Sometimes I would buy a file then spend 30 min. to an hour trying to find the tutorial when I can't figure out how to do it on my own. But this one was easy and made sense to me.
Loved making it.

Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Monday evening

Well, it's summer vacation and we aren't supposed to get any rain for about 7 days. It's so hot. We should hit 90's this week. I'm already miserable. lol

Today was Gabe's first day of "summer rec". It's 4 days a week, 8am to 11:30am, for 4 weeks.
Gym for games one day, pool one day, spray park one day and a playground one day. He loves it.
So I don't get to do much but grocery shop etc. and pick him up.

So when I can, I try to keep ahead of the cards I need.

This one is for my sister-in-law. She is retiring next Monday. She has worked for this same school system since she was 16, about 40 years.

Here's her card.

I thought it came out pretty cute. Hope she likes it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs and
God bless. Stephanie

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Happy Saturday.

Hi! I slept in today - it was almost 6 am! lol

I thought I would show you the piano box I made for Gabe's music teacher at school. We have enjoyed her for the last 4 years. He goes to a different school for 4th and 5th grade so we will miss her.

Take a look:

Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie
Have a wonderful weekend!
God bless our troops.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Monday

Hi, everyone. We have 8 days of school left, 5 days this week and 3 days next week. Our year always ends on a Thursday and next Monday is a holiday. Gabe is looking forward to 4th grade and a new school. But first, summer.

I do have a card to show you. One of our nephews has a birthday next week. I think that takes care of May. Then I have to concentrate on June. Father's Day, hubby's birthday and a sister's birthday.

I also decided to show you these cute flower treat boxes. I made them red, white and blue for July. I love red, white and blue for summer.

thanks for stopping by. I so appreciate it.

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It's Tuesday!

Well we made it past another Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Mothers Day.  We had a very nice weekend.  Hubby and Gabe gave me a new charm for my Pandora bracelet and I like that. If it was up to me, I would have bought new pretty papers. But I love new charms.

Our two middle sons, daughter-in-law and 2 more grandsons came for lunch on Sunday.
so it was a nice day.

Today I'm going to show you a couple of projects from the newest kit from SVGCuts.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie 

(only 12 days of school left)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Super Friday

I don't know why I said super - there's nothing special about this one - but it's the weekend!

We have a busy weekend this week. I would much rather "veg" out. Oh well.

Today I'm going to show you some random files from Sil online store. A lot of their files do not fit together perfectly. They have some cute ones but I am so spoiled to SVGCuts.  (thank you Mary and Leo)

Here they are:

This little strawberry basket I love!

I seem to like to make teapots. This one is simple and fast.
SVGCuts has a big fancy one but I did not have time to start it.

                              There was a little cup and saucer to match. A  very easy and fast.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Happy Wednesday

Good morning, all. Hope all is well with you.

Before I get to the project, I just want to say a big thank you to my loyal bloggie friends. Mind you, I don't get a lot of traffic (and that used to bother me) . I thought you had to have hundreds of visitors daily or you were just a failure. That even kept me from crafting.

But the friends I have encourage me and keep me going on this journey are so special to me. I love hearing from you and I love visiting you. So thank you so much for making this special.

I have a card for one of my sisters today. She recently retired (she didn't even tell us she was thinking about it).
We were shocked. I'm so happy for her.

So here's her card.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Monday, May 4, 2015

Wow is it Monday again already?

Happy Monday. I hope you all had a great weekend. I actually did quite a bit of crafting, YEA!

Today I want to show you a small cottage from the SVGCuts Peony Cottage file.
I made this one about 3 weeks ago. I added a couple of things. The bicycle is in the same kit - I just borrowed it from a card file. I cut several layers so it would be strong enough to use. The bushes are from a carrot box file in the sil online store. I used the greenery from the box.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Friday, May 1, 2015

It's Friday...

lets shout it from the rooftops! So glad for the weekend. Still haven't made a "bigger" project.

I keep thinking about cards  I'm going to need  for the next few months and don't get anything done.
I need to make a decision and get the cards out of the way so I can make something I really want to do.

So in the mean time I will cut files from the Sil online store. And make a list of all the cards I need for the near future. I do have some ideas for cards that I'm excited about. Maybe that will get me going.

So today I'm going to show you what I did yesterday.

These are both Lori Whitlock files.

Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Happy Thursday

Good morning.  The weekend is getting closer, yea!

We have 2 scheduled ballgames left to play this week. The Tuesday night game was cancelled because the field was too wet, so that one will have to be made up.

Today I hope to make something - not just single, simple files. Still hoping to get my hands working nicely again.

I have a couple of files to show you today. They were made 2 - 3 weeks ago.

Both of these are from SVGCuts.
The hot air balloon is from the High Skies file and the lever card is from the Peony Cottage file. (I love that sun)

Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Monday, April 27, 2015

YEA! It's Monday!

See, still trying to think positive. haha

Yesterday I finally got my Easter wreath off my door. I replaced it with a peony wreath. (a file from the sil online store.)

It took a while to finish it because I did not like it once I got it started. Still not sure how much I like it but I "had" to finish. With certain things my OCD kicks in big time.( Like if I break a nail, I "have" to file all the others down even so they match.) I used 13 12 x 12 sheets of paper to cut this out. I so wanted to just throw it away but I couldn't. How could I waste 13 sheets of paper on purpose? That ever happen to you

So here it is:

                                         Taken with flash.

                                          Without flash.
 Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Happy Saturday

Hello! I slept in this morning - 5:30 am - yippee!

Well, it's raining. Yesterday "they" said the rain would be gone early - by the time most people got up. (yeah right) I just hope our make-up ball game doesn't get cancelled.

Just a short post today. Have to fix breakfast and get things done so I can go to the baby shower then rush home for the game.

As usual there was a list of places where she had picked things out. The closest to me is Target so that's where I went.  It printed out 1 page with 5 things on it and one of them was $400.00. That's out of my range so my DIL and I chose the Amazon gift card. We were also supposed to bring a book in lieu of a card. So I used the card as a tag.

Take a look:

Well, that's it for today. Have a great weekend.

Hugs and God bless.

Friday, April 24, 2015


Good Friday morning. Are you ready for the weekend?

Tomorrow I have a baby shower and a makeup ball game. But...at least I don't have to get up early and get dressed.

Anyway today is a quick post. Just a couple of files from the Sil online store. I just liked them.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.

Hugs and God bless.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Happy Thursday

Hello again.

I'm back to show you a card today. One of my favorite nieces has an anniversary on Friday and this is her card.

A few years ago they had a palapa built in their back yard. I had never heard of that before. It's  a structure with a thatched roof. Theirs is really nice and great for parties.

Anyway, when I saw this file I knew it would be perfect.

Take a look:

See you again tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs and God bless.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wow! It's been 2 weeks

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. It's not because I've been so busy creating. Until this week it's been only random files from the sil online store. Just cutting things because I liked them.

Now I'm trying to replace Easter with more spring. Then lead into summer.
So I did replace my banner. Hubby said it was time to replace Easter with something spring. Enough of Easter. Of course I haven't exactly been with it. I usually change things within 24 hours of a holiday/season change. I just wasn't prepared this time.

So here is my simple banner.

I kept the birdcage (because I like it). I also repurposed the birdhouses.

Thanks for stopping by. I really do appreciate it.

Hugs and God bless.

Monday, April 6, 2015


Yea, it's Monday! (did you believe that happy statement?) I'm trying real hard to be positive.

So how is your Monday going?

I have one last post with some random Easter cuts. Then it's more spring into summer things. I get to cut and glue for fun - no pressure.

So let's get Easter finished, shall we?

The 3 money envelope tags were on the Grandson's baskets. This is from the sil store. Very easy and very handy.

These little boxes, I did not use. Probably next year. I just liked them. I loved the greenery on the triangle carrot boxes. I thought it would be easy to adapt for bushes on 3d houses.

Just thought I would show a pic of my 3  best reasons to get up every day. I so love these boys.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Sunday, April 5, 2015



                                                                    Happy Easter

 This is my favorite bunny this year.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter celebration.

See you soon.

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie