Sunday, May 30, 2010

My tired brain

Well, I found me a blinkie. I found this wonderful site, Shabby Blogs, and I got a cute blinkie and a cute background. I had to pick out something that would go with the 3 dots in my header because I don't know how to get rid of them. Oh, well at least it looks more like a blog.I'm really thankful forthe ones that stop by and I even have 27 followers. It amazes me that some people like my work enough to leave a comment. I love comments. I think most of my family really doesn't understand my obsession. They like the cards I make, but this doesn't count as anything important. You know, it doesn't generate any income. It just keeps me sane. Sorry to ramble. I'm just drained from trying to figure this out.
But now I'm very happy. Tomorrow I might post my hubby's b-day card. I think I'm through with it. Hope everyone had a great Sunday and hope tomorrows wonderful, too.

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