Thursday, June 3, 2010

Forgetful Wife

My hubby's favorite coffee mug pulled a disappearing act this morning. He has used the same mug for 20 yrs. and he misplaces it very often. So this morning when he was getting ready to leave or work, I couldn't find the mug. I brought him a cup and told him he must have left it somewhere-again. Later I found it in the dishwasher. I usually only use it on holidays or when we have company, there's only my husband and I and our 4 yr old grandson. Anyway I don't even remember putting it in there. We're both turning 60 this month and it's a race to see who "loses it" the fastest. So I just gave him some more ammunition. HaHa!


  1. how funny love your coffee mug on card

  2. What a funny story! the coffee mug card is perfect and a funny reminder of this day. I can't wait to tell my DH (coffee lover) this little story.