Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Releasing 24 lite carts

This Thursday will be an extra Hello Thursday. Provo Craft is releasing 24 new carts. They are called lite carts and will be released to Wal Marts. Unfortunately, that means the price will probably stay the same, $39.00. My WM very seldom discounts the cricut carts. A couple of times they had 1 for $45. instead of $60. When they remodeled, you know, made bigger aisles and discontinued half the products, I found Cuttin Up for $30. Which was a real fluke.
Anyway, I can't wait for Thursday. There's a couple I can't live without. Wildlife for all the "boys" in my life, and the circus one because I think I saw a corndog on it. My 4 yr old grandson who lives with us loves them. He calls them hotdogs and it's his favorite food.
I hope this is of interest to someone stopping by.
Would love to have some comments about this or anything else.
Cricut crazy,
Cricutmimi, Stephanie

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