Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Birthday

My brother-in-law is having a birthday next month. A few weeks ago my sister and I were brainstorming and acting silly and we came up with this crazy idea for his card. Alas, neither one of us can remember what it was. So I made this one because of the rooster. He is the one with the chickens and goats, makes wonderful wine and is a master carpenter. I used Just because Cards and Plantin.


  1. Very Cute...Inside and Out! I like the dots you added to the feathers as well.... Catchy phrase.... It will certainly make him smile! :)

  2. You have been a busy bee! I love the card...your crazy b-in-law will too!!! I've been busy too! Wait til you see!

  3. Very nice card love the color choices tfs