Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Award Surprises!

What a great surprise for a Monday morning. I went to my blog and had a new comment AND a new follower, WooHoo!
Daily Grace Creations informed me I was receiving 2 blog awards, a first for me! I had already been enjoying the work of Peggy and Donna for a while so it made me very happy that they noticed me. They do beautiful work and I was already a follower so I signed up for their emails.
So now I'm sending these awards on to 10 blogs I admire. Hard to pick 10.
Thanks again to Peggy and Donna. You made my day.

Bella Bug Creations
A Place for my Cards
Crafting with Katie
Capadia Designs
Craft Junkie Too
Busy with the Cricky
She's a Sassy Lady
Courtney Lane Designs

Please visit these wonderful blogs and say "Hi."


  1. Thank you Stephanie, you're so sweet! You deserve the awards you got! Congratulations!

  2. Thank you Stephanie, how thoughtful!!! I am honored that you would include me on your blog award list. While here, I signed up to follow your blog; great, great projects!!!

    xx Susan

  3. Thank you Stephanie, I am truly honored. I never thought about making any list but had seen them so to be on your wonderful blog was surprising! I signed up right away. You make the most wonderful cards. My sis was right!