Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grandsons Birthday card

I finally finished Cade's birthday card. He will turn 7 on the 31st. His party is going to be on the 24th at an indoor pool. We're all excited.
I used George and Basic Shapes for the pool, water and welded card shape; Zooballoo for the grass; Everyday Paper Dolls for the boy, swimsuit, mask, flippers, floatie and ball. Life is a Beach for the sailboat, beach chair, sea shells and sun and A Childs Year - Happy Birthday.
I had fun making it, but like my husband said, he's just going to tear it opened looking for money.
Oh well, sometimes we just have to make them anyway, don't we?
Let me know what you think.


  1. So cute. He may just look for the money but he'll realize one day how special it is to get a handmade card from his "Mimi". It's an adorable card.


  2. SOOOO CUTE!!!! I really like how this came out... :) And he may not just tear it open.... My 7yr. old son got a Create a Critter Octopuss card from me made with the Design Studio and he didn't tear it open and he loved the card so much that it is still sitting on his book shelf and his Birthday was back in May.... :) Sooo you just never know... :) Great Card! :)