Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Special Day

Good morning! I just learned something new today. Among the many emails I receive every day from blogs I learned about a special day, World Card Making Day.Isn't that fantastic? I got this info from the incredibly talented "Creations With Christina". It's Oct. 2. I had never heard of this. She's planning some special challenges and giveaways for that day. You might want to make as note of this on your calendar. I am and I can't wait. Sounds like fun. Hope everyone is having a great morning. I hope to work on a page for my grandson using his first paper he brought home. But first I have to pay some bills and grocery shop. You know men, they can't be satisfied with pb&j. Why can't things be easier, I just want to "cricut!"
God bless


  1. WOW! I thought everybody knew about World Card making day! I guess not.... LOL I love joining in the fun every year... lots of blogs do different things.... Even My Pink Stamper does it... SO keep an eye out for it and the different blogs that celebrate it! :o) And thanks for posting it, so that everyone will know more about it.... :o)

  2. Thanks Stephanie. I will try to remember.