Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Envelope please ... and the winner is ... Glenda! Congrats Glenda. If you will email me at stuff@gt.rr.com with your address info, I'll get this right out to you. Hope you like it and find it useful.
I would like to thank everyone for playing along and becoming a follower. I feel all alone in my obsession because no one close to me has the same obsession as me. But with my followers and the wonderful blogs I get to visit because of my followers, I have a whole new world full of friends with my passion. I didn't really get the "blog thing" at first, but it really is like a family. I just wish I knew more about what to do to make a better blog. I only know how to post. That's it.
Here's to learning!
Now I want to invite everyone to visit Glenda's Cards. She has some beautiful projects. I just love all this sharing, don't you?
God bless you all and I hope your day is wonderful. I plan to do this again when I get close to 150. (if it doesn't take too long) Maybe I'll do it again when I get 10,000 hits. Hmmmm


  1. Congrats Glenda! And congrats Cricutmimi on over 100 followers!

  2. Wow Stephanie! Nice surprise to start the day! Love the blog candy! Thank you so very much!
    Congrats to you on followers! Great looking blog!!
    I will get an email to you!
    Thanks again!

  3. Congrats to Glenda!!! Best wishes Stephanie on reaching 150 followers (and thanks for following my blog!)

  4. Received the package of goodies today. Wow! Love all of the nice items! Thanks again for your kindness!