Monday, November 22, 2010

1st Mickey card

I have a son who loves Mickey Mouse. I decided to use MM in some Christmas cards. The front of the card has MM head silhouettes for ornaments. Mickey's silhouette decorates the inside of the card. I had fun making this one. I'll have another one tomorrow. Thanks for looking and I thank you for being such loyal followers.

God Bless and have a great night. Stephanie


  1. I wish they had audio comments so you could hear me going "Oooh! Gor-geous! Coooool" etc. It doesn't come across as good when I write it but I'm alone talking to the computer with these grunts of awe LOL! I LOVE the Mickey silhouettes, and the ornaments are too cute! "Aaagh! Gor-geous!!"

  2. I'm with Flamenco... I do that same thing Steph!!! Wonderful card YET AGAIN!!! :o) Hey lady... I Have an award for you over on my blog... When you get a free minute from crafting... stop by and pick it up!

  3. Love Mickey too and love the cards!