Monday, February 21, 2011

Good morning!

Hi everyone. Hope you had a great weekend. Mine included some tough decisions. My sisters and I spent Saturday night at the hospital. Sunday we had mom moved to a hospice facility. It's really clean and beautiful and we feel very good about it.This is really where she needs to be. So needless to say I haven't been crafting. So I thought I would post a pic of the beautiful flowers 2 of my grandsons sent me for Valentines Day.
Thank you all for the prayers and good thoughts. I know they helped.

Thanks so much for looking and have a blessed day. God Bless you all. Stephanie

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good morning!!!

Hope everyone is well. My other 3 sisters are coming in to see mom this weekend. My hubby is grilling so no one has to be in the kitchen. Mom is not doing very well. Maybe a visit will perk her up and she'll fight. Haven't been able to craft, tried to make a card for my mom but I'm just blank. Plus she hasn't been awake to see one. So I'll just post a pic of my grandson with his sock monkey he got for Valentines.
Thanks for visiting and God Bless you all. Stephanie

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I want to thank my wonderful blogging friends for the sweet thoughts and prayers for my mom. I think crafters are the sweetest and most thoughtful people.and I'm very grateful for every one of you. My mom is a little better. She's been moved to a different hospital for long term ( about 3 weeks) extended care. From there we hope she can go to re-hab. Yesterday was the first day she has been alert since her 2nd day in the hospital. We'll just take it day by day. I know your prayers helped, thank you.
You know I didn't get to make valentines for my GS preschool class (32 kids). I had to resort to bought ones. So it's Spiderman with spiderman pencils. Of course there weren't any teacher v's in the packages, so I had to come up with something quick and easy. I had some leftover cuts and only had to cut the tag and "be mine". There are 3 teachers so I made them all the same. (saved wear and tear on my tired brain)
I may not get to craft or post every day, but I relax by reading my crafty emails and visiting all the wonderful blogs I can fit in. (Sorry if I can't always leave a message.)  Here's the 3 teacher tags. Pretty simple but they came out kinda cute.
So Happy Valentines Day to YOU! This is a thankful valentines day for me. I'm very thankful for all of you. Thanks for looking and God Bless you all. Stephanie

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good evening all!

In between hospital visits and birthdays and the normal craziness, I got to make some Valentine treat boxes for the grandsons. I used Life's a Party. There are so many great cuts on this cart. I just love it. The only cut not from Life's a Party is the cupid from Sweethearts cart.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Thanks so much for looking and God Bless you all. Stephanie

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fading fast

Hi, everyone. Hope you had a great weekend. We're still going back and forth to the hospital several times a day. All of my sisters were here Saturday to see mom. She's still in ICU but there is a little improvement..
This past week my brother-in-law lost his aunt. I did get a card made but it really is simple.

I used Inspired Heart for this one. It layered very nicely. Thanks for looking and God Bless you all. Stephanie

Friday, February 4, 2011

Good morning

Hope everyone is safe and warm. So far our weather is not as bad as predicted, but very cold. This is the last card I did before my mom went in the hospital. ( For those of you who asked, there has been a little improvement but she is still in ICU. Thanks for your prayers and concern.)
I made this card for my niece's baby, who will be born nest Friday, to welcome her into the family.

I made this one from New Arrival. I love this bootie cut so I welded 2 together and made a card. The booties were cut at 5" each, "for you" cut at 2" and the stork cut at 3". Thanks for looking and God Bless you all. Stephanie

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A very COLD good morning

Hi all. I've been MIA for a few days because my mom got sick. It started last Friday and by Sunday she was ready to go to the hospital. Since she's been there she has really gotten sick. It just seems to be snowballing. Now she is in ICU. So there has been no creating since last week. Glad I got the cards made that I need for the next couple of weeks.

So here is another birthday card. I used Campout for the 4-wheeler cut at 3 7/8 " and the branches cut at 1 1/2". The little deer (requested by my husband to be put on there to represent the 2 "little" deer he got this year) were cut at 3"  from Wildlife. Of course my hubby didn't get anything, but that doesn't matter. He still has to tease. "It's your day" was cut from Stamping at 1 7/8". Also used a MS branch punch. Thanks for looking and have a warm and safe day. God Bless you all. Stephanie