Monday, March 28, 2011

Good afternoon-2nd Anniversary card

Remember I told you I had 2 more ideas for anniversary cards. Last night I combined them to make one really cute card. (at least I think so) Instead of going to bed I designed this one on my gypsy. It really is getting easier to use. I'm learning to use all the buttons without a lot of trouble. YEA!!! I'm actually starting to enjoy this "gadget". Looks like this 60 year old brain can still learn. lol
OK, enough of this. I used Billionaire for "years", Chore Chart for little notes on the inside, Designer's Calendar for the notes on the envie, Don Juan for 41 and the hearts,  and  Lyrical Letters for the notes on the front. I forgot to write down the sizes. I need to work on that when I use the gypsy. I decorated the envie, too. This is the card I will send to work with him. Now I just have to wait a week, April 4th.
Thanks so much for looking. I really appreciat your comments.God Bless you all.

Hugs, Stephanie


  1. Oh WOW Steph! This is wonderful! I LOVE the music note theme you have going on throughout this card! And you're using your gypsy! Good for you! We can learn it together! :o)
    Just an FYI for ya... If you want to save your notes on how you made the card you just made... keep a notebook near you... That's what I do to remember the sizes and stuff.... I didn't use to do it and it is much easier to write this stuff down so if I ever want to go back on a card and maybe even redo it I have my notebook with my notes in it... I hope that helps ya out! :o)

  2. wow!!! this card is fabulous too.....
    just subscribed, so impressed with your work :)