Saturday, March 5, 2011

Western day

Yesterday my grandson's preschool had western day. I told him when I was a child we played cowboys and indians and cops and robbers. He didn't know what that was.Today's kids play spiderman, batman and power rangers. Anyway he was so excited. He got to wear his boots and cowboy hat. When I was in 7th grade I wore a cute bolo tie for western day. (48 years ago) He wore the same bolo. So here's a couple of pics.

Now I have to get the Old West cartridge. Thanks for looking and God Bless you all. Stephanie


  1. He is such a little CUTIE Steph! I remember when my oldest had Western days at school too... He had a cowboy hat, Blue Jean Jacket, Jeans and boots... No Bolo... But we are not much of a western family so it was ok! :o)

  2. I guess the 6 shooters are out of the question these days. I loved my 6 shooters. Don't tell my son, he didn't have guns then ;- ) Times they are a changing. There are cowboy things on one of the Paper Dolls Cartridges. I can't remember which one right now though. Have a Blessed Sunday!

  3. Didn't know you had posted a picture!! Now I get to see him in his regalia!!! You know I could just eat that boy up! Give him hugs! See ya this weekend!