Saturday, April 16, 2011

This may help you, too!

I hope everyone is well today. This is not a card or project post. This is a little info story.
Thursday I bought 3 of the newest carts at Michaels. (Elegant Edges, Damask Decor and Everyday Pop-ups) When I got home Elegant Edges (EE) would not link to my Gypsy. I emailed PC. I got an answer that afternoon to call them the next day.
We tried a couple of things over the phone and it didn't work. She said they would have to send me  a new one.
 Okay to the point of this story. I had to register the bad cartridge in my account with to be able to get a new one. I started out registering my carts but then I got my Gypsy and thought it was the same thing to link them. Well, it isn't. It's really 2 separate things and you need to do both.
So instead of creating, I have been entering ALL my cartridges in my Cricut account. Now if anything happens to my Gypsy there is a record of the carts I have.
This took a lot of time but now I'm a lot better off if I have a Gypsy problem.
If you haven't registered with I urge you to do so.
I've got a busy day with my grandson. Visit the Easter bunny at Walmart this morning and a birthday party for his cousin this afternoon. So after I get the gift this morning I have to make a card and gift bag for the party. Then there is the usual, laundry, lunch and I have to get dressed. So when am I gonna get to "play?"
Thanks for stopping by. God Bless you all. Hope to see you again soon. Hugs, Stephanie


  1. You mean to tell me you didn't register your cartridges Stephanie! Shame on you! LOL That is the very first thing I do when I take a cartridge out of the clam shell..... Then I register my rewards points and then I test out my cartridge... I had one of my Imagine cartridges not work.... I got it from and could not wait to make a baby card with it (Nursery Tails)as soon as I registered it and got the rewards points I tried to use it and it would not work no matter what I did... I was able to call PC right after trying 4 or 5 times and they said to just throw it away and I'll get a new one sent and they did and I got it within a week..... It worked and I was able to register that one too and I made my baby card! Hope you get your cartridge real soon and sorry you had some trouble... But make sure you make a habit of registering first then try it out.... it will help you in the long run! :o) Have a FUN weekend! :o)

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I've registered my cartridges on the rewards page but I don't think I've registered them anywhere else. All my cartridges linked to my Gypsy just fine.