Friday, June 24, 2011

Thinking of you

Hi, everyone. Are you all glad it's Friday?  The estate sale st my moms house started today, tomorrow we have a wedding and yesterday I turned 61. It's been a stressful week.For 2 days I haven't made anything. Today I made a card for no "have to" reason. I still have 2 cards left to make for July. Just can't seem to get them done.
Anyway this one is really simple, only 1 cricut cut. It's an A2 card. I used the flower cut on page 24 of the Floral Embellished cart cut at 3". Thinking of you is a stamp and a MS punch on the inside.Some pearls, rhinestones and stickles.

Thanks for looking and God Bless you all. Hugs, Stephanie

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hello, Sunshine!

Hope eVeryone is having a great day. I should be making birthday cards and instead I've been making a card for a couple of challenges. You all understand that, don't you?
Over at Celebrate the Occasion you are supposed to use a "sun" cut. If you're interested, hop over to and play along.
At Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog the theme is summer fun and I think this sun cut is fun, so if you go to you can join in also.
Here'sthe recipe:
Hello Kitty - sun cut at 3.82, shadow cut at 3.35, fower cut at 3.18, layer s cut at 3.18
Home Accents - label cut at 3.6x1.25, blackout cut at 3.6x1.25, shadow cut at 3.73x1.35
The little flowers and leaves are from a punch as well as the tiny gold suns. A Peachy Keen face stamp, some rhinestones, stickles and doodling and call it a day! The sentiment is a stamp set I got at Michaels with a coupon.  (yea!)
This card is nothing like It started out to be, but I love it. It just evolved as I went along. That usually turns out to be the ones I like best. Hopr you like it too.

Thanks for dropping by and God bless you all. Hugs, Stephanie

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Hubby got to play golf and the kids came over later in the afternoon. A pretty relaxing day. But now it's Monday and everything starts all over again.
I've got 2 more July birthday cards to make. I finished my daughter-in-laws card and that's what I'm posting today. I really have to start getting ready for the BBQ on the 4th.
Anyway here's her card. You know, I've been pretty good about writing down my card recipes on scratch paper then entering it in my notebook. Well for this one I can't find anything.
I know I used Damask Decor for the card and Cricut American Alphabet for the "M". I also used a MS Cake cartridge for the Happy Birthday and the Celebrate.I layered everything and added black gems on the front. I thought they went well with the red, white and black color scheme.On the inside I used a MS punch and a couple of red gems.

Thanks so much for looking. God bless yiu all. Hugs,Stephanie

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day after

Well, has everyone seen the new carts? What did you think? I love the phrases one the best I think. I just wish they would put the handbooks in the library. I really need to see the whole cart to know if I NEED it. I love the Creative Memories one too. I just don't like carts to be available only at certain places. Those are always higher and then there is postage. Oh well I can't have everything. I hope all the new Lites will show up in WaLMart stores.Now onto my card.
This card is for the Scrappy Mom's Terrific Tuesday Challenge. You were to use Sweet Treats, any cut. I am really enjoying using my Gypsy to design all these. I didn't think I would ever get used to it but the E2 sort of forced the issue. Anyway here's the card.
favor -p. 55 cut at 1 1/8"
ready set blow -p. 58 cut at 2"
Happy birthdat - p. 56 cut at 1 1/2"
may all your wishes come true - p. 63 cut at 2 1/8"

Thanks for looking and god Bless. Hugs,Stephanie

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hello, Thursday!

No, I haven't seen any new carts yet. It was just fun saying it! lol OK today I went to the Walmart closest to me. (I have 5 of them within 30 or 40 min.) Well this one had lite carts on sale,too. Different ones than the one 15 min. away. Some were $15.00 and $20.00.  Cupcake Wrappers was one of them for $20. I never bought CW because frankly there are cupcake wrappers on lots of other carts and I don't bake. BUT, it was only $20.00. So ... I am now the proud owner of Cupcake Wrappers. (psst...I may have a problem!)
Now for the real reason for this post. This card is for the  Cricut Cardz Challenge - Father's Day card - any cart, any design. Here's the recipe:
Life's a Party - treasure chest cut at 4", layered and stickled
Indie Art - Lucky cut at 1 1/2" and dice cut at 1 1/4" all layers
Designer's Calendar - 4 leaf clovers cut at 1" with shadow
Sentiments courtesy of me and my printer. Thanks so much for stopping by, hope it was worth the trip.

God Bless each one of you. Hugs, Stephanie

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good afternoon

Today has been pretty good. I finally bought Picturesque at JoAnn's and when I went to WalMart they had actually marked some of the original Lites, $29.00. I bought Splish Splash. I've always liked it but it wasn't a have-to-have for me. But now I have it. YEA! Love a bargain!  Oh well, to the point of this post.
A friend left a bag of fresh tomatoes on our front porch Sunday while we were gone. We didn't know where they were from. Monday he called to let us know he left them. Of course I had to make a thank you card. It also qualifies  for the challenge at Bitten by the Bug2, to use a gnome. (Freshly Picked)
Freshly Picked -Tomato - 9", sign - 3", gnome - 4"
Pooh and Friends - grass - 1"
Holiday Cakes - Thank you

Thanks for stopping by. Love the company.God Bless. Hugs, Stephanie

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hi, all!

Today is one of my sister's birthday. This sister checks out my blog occasionally so I can't post her card early.She had to work but I hope she had a good day. When I emailed her this morning she was having her favorite breakfast, grits and sourdough toast.Yum! Yea, Deb.
I only used 2 cartridges on this one, Damask Decor and MS Elegant Cakes.
Damask Decor - page 62-cupcake and all layers cut at 3 3/4"
MS Elegant Cakes - Happy Birthday cut at 2 1/4"

Hope she likes it. Hope you do, too. God Bless and Hugs, Stephanie

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Averie's Birthday (July)

Hello. I just created a card, completely, with my G and E2. Hooray! I'm really enjoying this. I always just used DS because it was attached to my E and just didn't bother with G. I mainly used it for storage of carts and "keyword" search because it shows where it is located on the keypad. It's so nice not to have to change cartridges or try to figure all I might need and get them in the jukebox. (jukebox works with the E2 also)
Back to business. I have a niece who's going to be 10 in July. Last night I decided I wanted to make a postage stamp shaped card. So I welded it together on my G and cut it. I decided this would be good for Averie so I started looking around for some cuts. I settled on Birthday Bash, there are so many cute ones. FYI-there is a postage stamp shaped card all ready to cut on this cart. (live and learn)
Here's what I did:
Birthday Bash - Banner with bird, p. 39, cut at 2.41", a little bird told me cut at 2.41", bird with balloon,
p. 23, cut at 2.41" and Its Your Birthday, p. 22, cut at 2.18"
Stand and Salute - fireworks cut at .91"

Hope she likes it and you do too. Thanks for looking and god Bless you all. Hugs, stephanie

Friday, June 10, 2011

Gypsy and E2

This was my maiden voyage with the Gypsy and the E2. It's very simple but I did it all on the Gypsy and cut on my E2. I think I was making it harder than it needed to be. I had actually started to use my Gypsy a little more before it died and I had to get a replacement. So even though I was without one for 3 weeks, I didn't forget what to do. I really like being able to cut anywhere on the mat.
I did a simple gift bag and a card. I used Sweethearts. The "just married" label was cut at 4 1/2" x 2 3/4". The card is 4"x4".
Thanks for looking and God Bless you all. Hugs, Stephanie

Good morning

How about a linky party. Tracey at Craft Junkie,too. has one every Friday. I love seeing new blogs and all sorts of projects. They are always so full of inspiration.I'm always amazed at the number of new blogs there that I can follow. Just like projects, it's never ending. Thank goodness. I've got her button my sidebar if you're interested. You can never have too much inspiration or follow too many blogs.
God Bless and hugs, Stephanie.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yea! Provo Craft!

I just had to post again today. Last week I told you I had to send in my new E2 for a replacement machine. I packed it up and brought it to a Fed-ex drop-off site on Sat., June 4th. Well, today I received the replacement. I can't believe it came so fast. They must have sent one out before receiving the first one.
I have it all set up and registered and I've already made 2 cuts. So far, so good.
I just want to say a BIG thank you to Provo Craft for such fast service. I just love this company. Sorry for the interruption but I just HAD to say this.
Now that I have my replacement Gypsy and my replacement E2 I'll be able to see if they can play "nice".
Wish me luck. I'm just so excited.
Thanks for putting up with me. God Bless you all and God Bless Provo Craft, too. Hugs, Stephanie
This is happiness in a fed-ex box. (It came on my Hubby's b-day) Yea, me!!!

Did it!

OK, I got my challenge card made. It is for Bitteb By The Bug2. You needed to use the clouds on Pooh and Friends or any cloud. I happen to have that cart so that's what I used. I also turned it into an extra birthday for hubby to get at work, Yea me!
Before I get to the recipe, did you all know that we are having 3 Hello Thursdays in June?  I saw several new Lite carts on the Cricut Blog this morning.Two of them have to do with pregnancy, which I have no use for. But if someone commissioned a scrapbook for that purpose I would certainly consider them.  I just hope we will be able to get them at Walmart (the store) and not have to order them. The last 4 are still only available at I think $39.00 dollars is a premium price and I can't afford shipping, too. That's more than I usually pay for a full cart.I sure  hope WM gets them. I would love to have the last 4 and 3 or 4 from this Thursday. Back to business.
Here's the recipe:
Pooh and Friends - clouds cut at 2" and 2 1/2" on the inside and only used the smaller ones, sun cut at 1", and Tigger cut at 1 1/4"
Plantin - all the 9's cut at 1"
Cuttin Up - partytime cut at 2 1/4"
Paper Lace - Happy Birthday cut at 2 3/4"
The sentiment is printed on my computer courtesy of my mind, some embossing and glitter.

Thanks for looking and as always, God Bless you all. Hugs, Stephanie

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Muggy Morning!

Hi everyone. Yes it's very hot and humid but that's not the only reason I can't get going. Yesterday I received my replacement Gypsy. (Thank you very much, PC.) It updarted without incident. (YEA!) The only problem is re-linking ALL the cartridges. After updating I thought I would just link a few to get a start, say 3 dozen.  I wrote each one down to compare with the list I made when I registered ALL of them a few months ago.
Then I had to cook etc. There's always things to do with my grandson. We went out to play. After eating and cleaning up I decided to do a few more links. Then I just couldn't stop. I ended up linking ALL 163 of them. Let me tell you that takes some time. They all had to be listed and checked against my other list. When I thought I was finished I checked with the registration list on This list I printed out. There was 11 that didn't get linked and I even found one that hadn't been registered.  I missed that one when I registered the last 2 years worth. I think I'm finally finished.
I really want to get comfortable with using my Gypsy for when I get my replacement E2. I really wish it worked with DS. I may have to learn how to convert DS files to Gypsy files so I can still design in DS. I love my Gypsy but DS just seems so much easier to me.
Well enough rambling. That's how I spent my Tuesday. I'm feeling humdrum even after coffee. But I have some designing to do. I have to make another b-day card for hubby so he can get one at work tomorrow. I'm also entering a challenge. (YIPPEE) I really want to have more time for challenges.
Hope everyone has a blessed day. God Bless you all. Hugs, Stephanie

Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone is having a good day. I tried to post last night but blogger /internet wasn't having any of it. So I'm trying today. This is a whole different post. This one is a birthday card for my husband which is Thursday.
I used:
Wrap it Up for golf clubs cut at5 3"
Just a Note for It's your birthday cut at 1 1/2" and relax cut at 1"
EDPD for golf green cut at 3 1/2", grass strip cut at 1" and golfballs cut at 1/2" with glossy accents
Sports Mania for golfball and tee border cut at 1/2 "
Add a little bee shaped button and a golfball shaped button and you're done.

Thanks for looking and God Bless you all. Hugs, Stephanie

Friday, June 3, 2011

Father's Day - PawPaw

This card is for my grandson to give to his PawPaw. He loves guitat cuts. He calls them "hot guitars". I don't know where he got that but he has always called them that.
Here's the recipe:
Life's a Party - "hot guitar" cut at 3"
Stamping - you rock cut at 1 1/2"
Plantin - PawPaw cut at 1/2"
MS Seasonal - Happy Father's Day cut at 3"
Mini Monograms - I love u cut at 1 1/2"

He loves it. Hope you do too. Thanks for looking and God Bless you all. Hugs, Stephanie


Hi, everyone. I'm writing this and I haven't even had my coffee. I don't think my eyes are fully open.
Oh well, sometimes I live dangerously.
This card is for my grandsons mother, today is her birthday. Yesterday we got the form notarized so he could be put on the roster for the next school year. I already had him registered but since he lives with me she has to sign a paper so I can take care of things. Now all is done. She told him yesterday that today is her birthday. So I've got a card ready for him to sign.
When I called PC about the vibratig noise my E2 was making I had to cut something so they could hear it. I chose a cupcake from the Cricut Alphabet which is preloaded on the E2. I can't let a cute cut go to waste so I cut all the layers and used it for this card. The cupcake is cut at 2 1/2", I added a little stickles, a bow and a pretty punched flower. My grandson loves it.

Thanks for looking. Have a great day and God Bless you all. Hugs, Stephanie

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last day of school - goodies

Hi everyone. This has been such a busy day. I'm so glad to have this school year over. My grandson went to school at 12:30 - 3:30. Afternoon is not the best choice. But next year, Kindergarten and all day. He is so looking forward to it.
At his school they combine 2 classes for everything, which means 32 kids for everything.So I made 32 little treats and he was so xcited to give them out. I also found some little books with sticky notes for the 3 teachers. I hope next year to make some card sets but I just didn't have the time.
 The kids treats have a cute little penguin cut at 1 1/2" from the new Cricut Alphabet cartridge on the E2 and a stamped sentiment.
The teachers tags are cut from Plantin Schoolbook at 4 " and the apple is from Celebrate with Flourish cut at 1 1/2".

Thanks for looking and God Bless you all. Hugs, Stephanie

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Good morning and a little sadness

Hi, all. Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.
I just read one of my regular emails from Christina at Creations with Christina (she has a wonderful blog-lots of beautiful work and videos). She posted a pic of her craft desk, as is, and challenged her readers to post pics of theirs on her blog too. So I got my camera out and did just that.
Notice my E2, that lovely machine, this is the sad part. I have to send it back. It started making a vibrating noise along with the regular cutting noises. I called PC and they listened to it and we tried to find anything that could be loose, and nothing. So it must be internal. They are emailing me a return label and are sending me a new one. I sure hope it doesn't take long, I'm very attached to this new machine. I'm really glad my original "E" still works. At least I won't have to give up crafting altogether, but I will miss those 4 cartridges on the E2. I use them a lot. Infact I have to get my husband's birthday card made before I send it back. It's already designed but I used Just a Note for part of it and I need it for next week.
Sure hope the new machine is perfect and that no one else has any problems.

Thanks for looking and God Bless you all. Hugs, Stephanie
2 pics because I use 2 desks -  My chair sits where the corners meet.