Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Muggy Morning!

Hi everyone. Yes it's very hot and humid but that's not the only reason I can't get going. Yesterday I received my replacement Gypsy. (Thank you very much, PC.) It updarted without incident. (YEA!) The only problem is re-linking ALL the cartridges. After updating I thought I would just link a few to get a start, say 3 dozen.  I wrote each one down to compare with the list I made when I registered ALL of them a few months ago.
Then I had to cook etc. There's always things to do with my grandson. We went out to play. After eating and cleaning up I decided to do a few more links. Then I just couldn't stop. I ended up linking ALL 163 of them. Let me tell you that takes some time. They all had to be listed and checked against my other list. When I thought I was finished I checked with the registration list on This list I printed out. There was 11 that didn't get linked and I even found one that hadn't been registered.  I missed that one when I registered the last 2 years worth. I think I'm finally finished.
I really want to get comfortable with using my Gypsy for when I get my replacement E2. I really wish it worked with DS. I may have to learn how to convert DS files to Gypsy files so I can still design in DS. I love my Gypsy but DS just seems so much easier to me.
Well enough rambling. That's how I spent my Tuesday. I'm feeling humdrum even after coffee. But I have some designing to do. I have to make another b-day card for hubby so he can get one at work tomorrow. I'm also entering a challenge. (YIPPEE) I really want to have more time for challenges.
Hope everyone has a blessed day. God Bless you all. Hugs, Stephanie

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  1. WOW! Sounds like a busy day Steph! I know linking all those cartridges took some time to do... I remember when I first started to link mine... Just a couple at first then I could not stop until they were ALL done! Boy that was a LONG day! LOL I'm with you on the DS working with the E2 or even the Imagine! I LOVE using my DS and I still use it even though I have a gypsy and I've been using the CCR program for months... Sometimes I just use it for my measurements then use the gypsy to cut the pieces so I don't have to hunt down the cartridges.... Sooo maybe if your like me will still keep using DS even after you get use to your Gypsy or even after you get to use the CCR Program from PC! Use them all! That's what I do! LOL Try and stay cool! :o) Theresa