Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 5th!

Still no cards. My fingers are still going numb and tingling. I thought I would post a pic of my grandson sleeping.Now wait a minute ... it is better than watching paint dry!
I would love to be able to sleep this totally relaxed. This child has gotten into this position since he was a baby.  So totally relaxed.
Have a great day.  God Bless and hugs to all. Stephanie


  1. How cute...Hope your hands are better soon.

  2. What a little Cutie Pie Stephanie! This beats a card anyday! :o) Sorry you're still having pain and discomfort... I know how bad it can get... Just enjoy hopping to some blogs and taking notes (if you can) of some great inspiration out there so when you're able to craft again you'll have lots of ideas flowing through you! HUGS! :o)