Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hello, Sunday

Hi, all. Thank you for all your sweet comments and your concern about my dizziness. It is much better and I'm going to the Dr. Tuesday.
I did get a little project made yesterday morning. The new Cricut Blog posts a lot of really cute projects and one of them was a birdcage lantern. It's made like the lanterns we used to make in grade school. Of course, those were made of construction paper and there was no bird hanging in it.
It's really very simple and quick and Gabe loves it hanging from his fan/light in his bedroom. We may have to make some to hang around for Christmas.
I didn't "fancy" his up with butterflies because after all he's a boy.He would probably want Spongebob glued all over his. He insisted his lantern get posted, too. So here it is.
Thanks so much for stopping by. God Bless ya'll. Hugs, Stephanie


  1. Great lantern Stephanie! Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. What a great lantern Steph! Glad you have a Dr. appt. hopefully things will be a-ok! And I think Spongebob on the lantern is a great idea.... I bet Gabe would agree! LOL

  3. Hi Stephanie,great lantern...such a good idea and would be great for halloween and christmas. Glad you're feeling a bit better.