Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday evening

Hi, everyone. Things are not slowing down at all. We got through the funeral, it was so sad. My cousin is really having a hard time.
Saturday my 8 year old grandson had his first flag football game. He loved it. We would have enjoyed it too if it hadn't been 104 degrees outside. They played from 1 to 2:30 PM and it was awful. We had umbrellas but it didn't make a lot of difference. I think we all got overheated, I was sick all saturday night. So we were really looking forward to Sunday to recuperate.
Sunday we had to put my mother-in-law in the hospital. Thank goodness she is doing better. She really is the worlds greatest MIL. So now to the post. I made a card for her.
Hee's the recipe:
I used Picturesque for all the cuts. Background was cut @ 3.81 x  3.67, flower cut @ 2,66 x 2.27, and leaves cut @ 2.20 x 1.71I used MS punches for the small flowers, butterflies and branch. Add a little bling and stickles and I used the cast off cuts to decorate the sentiment page.

Thanks so much for looking. God bless and hugs, Stephanie

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hello, Saturday

Hi, everyone. I hope your having a great day. If you'\re on the east coast, I hope you are safe and secure. If you're in this drought I hope you are keeping cool. We are definitely in the drought section. It is so HOT!!!
We had a flag football game today and for the next 10 saturdays. (8 & 9 year olds)  It sdtarted at 1:00 and ended at 2:30 PM. It was sweltering. The only thing to get me out in this heat is to watch one of my grandsons.  I actually made a card this morning and I'm glad I didn't wait until after the game. I don't know that I could think clearly enough.
This card is for a longtime family friend, I even went through high school with her daughter. She fell and broke her neck in May and I just found out about it.She was with her husband at the hospital having some tests done when she fell. She is up and walking around now but she will not be able to turn her head. I thought I would send her a few cards so she will know we are thinking about her. This wll be the first one.
Here is the recipe:
Botanicals Lite - card feature cut @ 7.87 x 4.3, flower layer cut 3 times @ 3.09 x 4.30
Home Accents - flourish cut @ 3.06 x .65
The card measures 4 1/4 x 3 3/4. I cut one of the flowers green and one of them pink then pieced the flower on the card and glittered it. I also glittered the pink flourish. The stamp on the front is one I've had and the sentiment inside is computer generated. I made this card in less than 50 minutes start to finish. That is fast for me.

Thanks for looking, God bless and hugs, Stephanie

Monday, August 22, 2011

Just Monday

Hello. I haven't been crafting lately. Not a block, just couldn't concentrate.
You see my cousin lost her only child, a son, in a motorcycle accident last Wednesday. He was only 29, with a wife and 3 year old little boy. We've just all been numb. This happened in Pennsylvania and they are flying him back to Texas for a funeral Friday.
We are giving crosses to his mom, wife, aunt and grandmother. I volunteered to make the cards.
I'm posting the card because sometimes it is so hard to make these when it is personal.  This card is very simple but elegant and not too fussy.
The size is 3 1/2" x 4" and I used a MS punch on the bottom. The cross is from Wedding cart cut at 2.07 x 2.76 and I added the pearls and a simple stamp on the inside.
So maybe the next time you have to make a very hard sympathy card you will remember this simple one and it will help.

Thanks for looking and God bless you all. Hugs Stephanie

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Good morning!

It really is morning here, not even 7AM yet. I have a card to post. It seems my sisters have haircut issues too. You see we all love the same hairdresser, Angie. Three of my sisters come from out of town for her to cut their hair. That doesn't always work out. Debbie, one of my jewelry-making sisters, (she has a blog and does beautiful work) finally found someone in Houston that gives a great haircut (yippee) but it seems she is seriously ill and may have to close her shop. She enlisted me to make haer a card. So that's what this card is about.
Here's the recipe:

Paper Lace - thinking of you cut @ 4.07 x 2.65
Flower Shoppe - flower fun 2 cut 3 times 1 @ 1.24 x 1.35, 1 @ 1.13x 1/24, and 1 @1.02 x 1.12
MS Elegant Cakes - butterfly cut @ 3.13 x 2.61 cut 1 base and 2 shift images.
Add a little bling and a short sentiment so my sister could write something inside.
Thanks so much for looking. Are we all anxious to see what is being released today? I still have my list of "must have " carts since April. Still waiting on new Lites to get in Walmart stores. Oh well, we'll see. This area seems to be last getting new ones. Why does Canada get them first? hmmm

Anyway, God bless and hugs, Stephanie

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Good morning

Well I guess it's almost afternoon. Anyway I hope it's a good one. Before I post my card, I just have to know. Do you watch Master Chef? Were you happy with who won. I was so glad Christian wasn't in the finals. Yes my fav won, Jen. Yippee!!! OK if you don't watch this program I apologize for rambling. I just had to get it out.
Now for the card. Our BIL lost an Aunt last week and this called for a handmade card. Not always easy to get in the mood for this type of card. This one is really simple but I think it works.
The card blank is an A2 size. I used a cuttlebug border folder on the front and inside. I also used a MS punch on the top corners of the sentiment inside. The dove is from Beyond Birthdays and is cut @ 1 1/2". I cut 4 of then and layered them. Sprayed the dove with glue and glittered it. Then I repeated the glue and glitter process. The sentiment on the front is a stamp I have.
Thank you so much for looking. I just remembered tomorrow is Hello Thursday...again. I wish they would quit having new releases until they update the cartridge library. At this rate they will never catch up. I love PC but I really like being able to study the handbooks before I decide what I want.
Thank you so much for looking. God bless and hugs, Stephanie

Monday, August 15, 2011

Rockin' hairdresser

Did you ever find someone who could give you the perfect haircut? Well I found her. She cuts my hair like no one else. I used to be a hairdresser so I know a good haircut. There is only one BIG drawback. She isn't available when I can go to her.
She doesn't go into work until after 11:00, most of the time after noon. I need morning appointments.  So I haven't had a haircut from her since last November. But I still remember her birthday. (it's the same as one of my grandsons) One day I'll be able to have one of her haircuts again. Someday.
So here's the recipe for this cute card:
Paisley - large hairdryer cut @ 2.64 x 4.06, small hairdryer cut @ 1.26 x 1.94
Chore Chart - music notes cut @ 1.95 x 2.41
Rock Princess - girl cut @ 2.09 x 4.18, wings cut @ 4.74 x 3.24
Stamping - You Rock cut @ 1.72 x 1.27
Life's a Party - Happy Birthday cut @ 1.20

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking. God bless and hugs, Stephanie

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pie challenge

God afternoon everyone. Hope everyone is having a nice day. I wanted to do a challene and I needed a card for my BIL who just had some kidney stones removed. Funny how that seemed to work out.
Over at Bitten by the Bug2 is having a challenge to use the pie cut on Paper Doll Dress Up. Recipe:
PDDU - pie cut @ 3.74 x 2.10
Cupcake - Yum! cut @ 2.46 x 1.12
Sesame Street Seasons - steam wisps cut @ 2.09 x 2.88
Lyrical Letters - feel better soon cut @ 3.14 x 3.24

Sentiment on front from me.Added buttons with glitter stickers on them. (mainly so I wouldn't have to bother with threading all 6 buttons)
Hope you like it. Thanks for looking.
God bless and hugs, Stephanie

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

School LO

Good morning all you wonderful people! Is the good mood working? It's just so hot! I'll just keep smiling an it will get better. Maybe positive thinking will get rid of my headache. I know every time Gabriel gives me a hug, I feel better. (He's such a sweetie. He gives me hugs and tells me he loves me all day long.) Enough!
Now for the 2-page LO. As I said yesterday, this is the first time I made the pages without the photos. Once I take the pics I may have to take it all apart and start over, who knows.  Anyway I thought I would enter this in a couple of challenges, BBB2 (use Locker Talk) and Raise the Bar (Anything Goes) if I'm not too late.
There are a lot of cuts on these pages and all but 1 is from Locker Talk. (so glad I have this one) Here's the recipe:
Locker Talk - 1st day of school sign cut @2.43 x 2.06, Kindergarten cut @ 8.13 x 2.25, clock cut @ 6.06 x 2.16, scissors cut @ 2.15 x 2.06, flag cut @ 3.40 x 1.59, Good job sign cut @ 2.33 x 2.16,notebook paper cut @ 3.82 x 4.18, glue bottle cut @ 1.43 x 2.10, pencil cut @ 2.84 x 1.24, ruler cut @ 3.96 x 1.35, crayon cut @ 1.35 x 2.10
The apple is from Give a Hoot cut @ 2.04 x 2.29.

The mats are for 4 x 6 photos and layered. It really is very simple and I hope I get the right pics because I kinda like it. So here it is.
I got Gabe to write his name on the "notebook paper" cut so I can compare it to the end of the year.
Thanks for looking and for any comments. (love the company) God bless and hugs, Stephanie

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Diamond fold card (thanx - Peggy)

Good morning all.  It's been a few days. I haven't posted but I did get a 2 page layout for my grandsons 1st day of school. made. This was my first time to make a LO before I took the pics so I don't know when it will be posted. The first day of school is Aug. 22. But today I have a card, a very easy card, thanks to a great tutorial.
One of my favorite blogs to visit is a mother/daughter team, Peggy and Donna. Their blog is Daily Grace Creations and they both do fabulous work. They also love to share. Today they both had a post. Donna has a very cute purse and matching notecards (which I also want to do)and Peggy's is the diamond fold card. She has a wonderful tutorial to go along with the beautiful card. It looked quick and easy so I had to try. It really was easy but the results are stunning.
Here's my recipe: I used Flower Shoppe and Straight From the Nest
Flower Shoppe - mum 4 cut @ 2.06 x 1.98
                           mum 2 cut @ 1.63 x 1.98
                           mum 3 cut 12 @ .38 X 1.51
                           sunflower 1 cut @ 2.21 x 1.98
                           leaves - fun 5 cut @ 1.03 x 1.51
Straight From the Nest - flourish 2 cut at3.50 x 1.35, cut 2 and flip 1
I added a little bling and glimmer mist.
Thanks again for such a great tutorial, Peggy.
Thank you all for looking and any comments. God bless and hugs, Stephanie

Friday, August 5, 2011

"berry" cute!

This is the third time to write this.I made this card for a challenge at September Ninth, sounded like fun? Sure! Had to write it twice because the internet screwed up. (already not a happy camper) So I get it all written up and posted (all went fine) and the URL didn't work. Said no such page. So I went back to the blog and reread the challenge and it was on their FB page.OK, no problem I'll just post it there.
Get to theit FB page and there is no place to "like"  the contest or write a comment much less add a photo. You could "like" the posts that were already there but I could find no place for a new one.
This is just the latest in a long string of reasons I HATE FB. I just don't get it. Others have such a good time entering contests and jooining all the Cricut stuff but it doesn't work for me.So I think I will just not go back there. It's too stressful.
So for the third time I will post this card. Turns out it was just an "exercise in futility". You were supposed to use a berry and the word berry in the sentiment.
Here's the recipe:
Preserves - lg strawberry cut @ 2.80 x 3.82, double strawberry cut @ 2.64 x 1.94, flowers cut @ .70 x 1.73
Wrap it Up - Grad hat cut @ 3.94 x 2.06
Home Accents - swirly vines cut @ 3.50 x 1 45
sentiment - me, rhinestones and a Peachy Keen face
Thanks for stopping by and your comments.

God bless and hugs, Stephanie

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Coming to visit

Hello, again. I hoped you enjoyed my cute cartoon below.I finally got a card made. Yippee!!!
I think this one came out pretty cute. I can also use it for 2 challenges. (Ijust love challenges)
Subject: friends and transportation  Here's the recipe.
A Child's Year - boy on scooter (silhouette) cut @ 2,42x2.65, labels on front - Kraft and red paper cut @
                          1.75x.65, blue and red cut @ 1.95x.76
Gypsy Wanderings - forever cut @ 2.86x2.06 (blackout) and shadow cut @ 3.02x2.06
Stamping - inside labels - blackout cut @ 4.52x3.08, shadow cut @ 4.84x3.20

Added some buttons, punched flowers and a little bling inside. Background papers are from Play time stack, DCWV. Stamped sentiments and computer generated .
As I said before this works for 2 challenges: - subject transportation
http://fantabulouscricutchallengeblog/ - subject friends
Thank you so much for stopping by. I love comments, good or bad. Also love the company.
I've got a couple of ideas floating around in my head. (they came to me when I was driving...that ever happen to you? Sometimes my best cards start that way)
Thanks, God Bless and hugs, Stephanie

State of our weather!!!

Good morning, all. I did gta card made and I will be posting it in a bit, but I thought you might enjoy this.
I was reading emails and received this from my sister who lives local with me. It kind of says it all!
Hope you enjoy.
Just thought this was cute. Back in a bit with a card. Thanks and hugs, Stephanie

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A new award!

Good morning everyone. We've added a few more followers and I just want to say welcome. I hope life settles down enough so I can get into a creative groove. You need something to look at, right? lol
I received this wonderful award from one of my new followers, Lolis,at She has a fantastic blog. I was blown away by her work. Anyway, I wanted to send her a BIG thank you from the bottom of my heart. You really should check out her blog, you won't be disappointed. Thanks again, Lolis.
These are the wonderful blogs I chose to share with. There are so many so I tried to choose some new ones to me and some familiar ones that I haven't shared an award with yet. I love them all.
Diane @
Peggy & Donna @
Sabriolet @
Jayne @
Tanya @
Donna @
Here are 7 things you may not know about me:
1.I'm very short, 4'11".
2.I'm obsessed with all things Cricut. (want it all)
3. I am not independently wealthy. (therefore I can't have all things Cricut)
4.I am a pretty good cook. (especially mac & cheese, spaghetti & meatballs and po-boys)
5.I hate to bake. (but I still would like a Cricut cake mini, go figure)
6.I love seafood.
7. Last but not least, my family means everything to me.
So there I am, warts and all. I hope you are all having a nice day. I've got to go leave comments for each of these talented ladies so they can get their award. Hope to be back later with some kind of creation!
Hugs and God Bless, Stephanie

Monday, August 1, 2011

Question and answer (Mary)

Hi, everyone. I had a very sweet comment from Mary and a question.She wanted to know if I had a template for my computer generated sentiments.
The answer is , I don't. After I type it in, I center it on the paper in the Word tool bar. (or whatever that bar is called) I guess at the sizing for the particular card. Sometimes I can print 2 different sentiments at the same time, but I end up with a lot of scraps. I either make cards with the scraps or to cut small designs. I get to use most of them.
Sorry I didn't have a template or a magic formula for this but it's just trial and error. If I ever find one, I will definitely share.
Mary thank you for your sweet comments. Hope you'll come back often. Do you have a blog? When I clicked your name there wasn't one listed.
God Bless. Hugs, Stephanie