Friday, August 5, 2011

"berry" cute!

This is the third time to write this.I made this card for a challenge at September Ninth, sounded like fun? Sure! Had to write it twice because the internet screwed up. (already not a happy camper) So I get it all written up and posted (all went fine) and the URL didn't work. Said no such page. So I went back to the blog and reread the challenge and it was on their FB page.OK, no problem I'll just post it there.
Get to theit FB page and there is no place to "like"  the contest or write a comment much less add a photo. You could "like" the posts that were already there but I could find no place for a new one.
This is just the latest in a long string of reasons I HATE FB. I just don't get it. Others have such a good time entering contests and jooining all the Cricut stuff but it doesn't work for me.So I think I will just not go back there. It's too stressful.
So for the third time I will post this card. Turns out it was just an "exercise in futility". You were supposed to use a berry and the word berry in the sentiment.
Here's the recipe:
Preserves - lg strawberry cut @ 2.80 x 3.82, double strawberry cut @ 2.64 x 1.94, flowers cut @ .70 x 1.73
Wrap it Up - Grad hat cut @ 3.94 x 2.06
Home Accents - swirly vines cut @ 3.50 x 1 45
sentiment - me, rhinestones and a Peachy Keen face
Thanks for stopping by and your comments.

God bless and hugs, Stephanie


  1. Ah,Your Card is soooooo Berry Cute!!! That's such a cute Idea to make a Graduation Card. Thanks for Sharing! :0)
    cindys-greencricut.blogspot dot com

  2. Stephanie, your card is so pretty. I love the embossing on that strawberry and the inside is just as pretty. Is that a Peachy Keen face stamp? I must get some.

  3. Stephanie --- your card is berry cute and it makes an adorable graduation card!!! I also entered a card for this and can help you get your card posted for the challenge....
    Hugs and love along with being a new follower!!!
    Her Craftiness

  4. So "berry" cute I love it. The face is adorable and as always I love the way you do the insides
    I agree, I am more of a "looker" on FB not too much a participant.

  5. So sorry to hear of all the difficulties of you trying to get this up! But your card is sooooo, sooooo CUTE! I love the face stamp and the inside is wonderful! :o)