Thursday, August 18, 2011

Good morning!

It really is morning here, not even 7AM yet. I have a card to post. It seems my sisters have haircut issues too. You see we all love the same hairdresser, Angie. Three of my sisters come from out of town for her to cut their hair. That doesn't always work out. Debbie, one of my jewelry-making sisters, (she has a blog and does beautiful work) finally found someone in Houston that gives a great haircut (yippee) but it seems she is seriously ill and may have to close her shop. She enlisted me to make haer a card. So that's what this card is about.
Here's the recipe:

Paper Lace - thinking of you cut @ 4.07 x 2.65
Flower Shoppe - flower fun 2 cut 3 times 1 @ 1.24 x 1.35, 1 @ 1.13x 1/24, and 1 @1.02 x 1.12
MS Elegant Cakes - butterfly cut @ 3.13 x 2.61 cut 1 base and 2 shift images.
Add a little bling and a short sentiment so my sister could write something inside.
Thanks so much for looking. Are we all anxious to see what is being released today? I still have my list of "must have " carts since April. Still waiting on new Lites to get in Walmart stores. Oh well, we'll see. This area seems to be last getting new ones. Why does Canada get them first? hmmm

Anyway, God bless and hugs, Stephanie


  1. Really pretty. I've got to get that Flower Shoppe cart! They have come out with so many new ones, I have lost track!

    Thanks for the inspiration,
    Cindy :)

  2. Beautiful card Stephanie.If it's any consolation it takes even longer for them to get to the UK.
    Jayne x

  3. Such a pretty card Stephanie! I LOVE that butterfly! And you know you can always order them from they're the same price that Walmart will have them for! Also has some online... Just an FYI! Also my Walmart doesn't have them either.... :o)

  4. Gee, Stuff, thanks for the plug! I sent the card today....can't wait to hear from her when she receives it...I know she will email me! When you can, check out my blog...I have a new style of stamped pendant. I call it "Randsom Note"'ll know why as soon as you see it! As are most brilliant ideas, it was born out of desparation to fix a mistake! Southern ingenuity at it's BEST! Thanks for doing her card...I KNOW it will cheer her up just to see it!
    Love ya!