Monday, August 15, 2011

Rockin' hairdresser

Did you ever find someone who could give you the perfect haircut? Well I found her. She cuts my hair like no one else. I used to be a hairdresser so I know a good haircut. There is only one BIG drawback. She isn't available when I can go to her.
She doesn't go into work until after 11:00, most of the time after noon. I need morning appointments.  So I haven't had a haircut from her since last November. But I still remember her birthday. (it's the same as one of my grandsons) One day I'll be able to have one of her haircuts again. Someday.
So here's the recipe for this cute card:
Paisley - large hairdryer cut @ 2.64 x 4.06, small hairdryer cut @ 1.26 x 1.94
Chore Chart - music notes cut @ 1.95 x 2.41
Rock Princess - girl cut @ 2.09 x 4.18, wings cut @ 4.74 x 3.24
Stamping - You Rock cut @ 1.72 x 1.27
Life's a Party - Happy Birthday cut @ 1.20

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking. God bless and hugs, Stephanie


  1. That is so cute!! Love her hair and those hair dryers.

  2. She's gonna LOVE this card!

  3. So cute and so very thoughtful to remember her birthday. She will love the card.

    Thanks for the inspiration,
    Cindy :)

  4. OMG! How cool is this?!? Love it!!!

  5. Oh my...this is just too cute! Love that hairdryer! After she gets this card, she might just arrange her schedule around yours! Love it!

  6. This is soooo CUTE! LOVE her Glittery hair! How nice of you to send her a card! I would totally try and get an appointment if I were you! Geez Last Nov.? Stephanie your hair must be 10 ft. long! tehehehehe

  7. So cute Stephanie.Love the hairdryer.
    Jayne x