Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day after

Hello! Hope all is well and no one is in the "line of fire," literally. These Texas wild fires are unbelievable. So much damage. Sending up lots of prayers.
The title. Today is the day after my grandson's 6th burthday. This child was so excited. He really is a big bright spot in our lives. He just seems to lift everyones spirits. Most of the family notices. We are very blessed to have him.
Back to his birthday. He gotto bring special treats for his class to school and we gave him several presents to open yesterday. His party will be Sunday afternoon. Today I will post his card from yesterday. He'll get all new stuff on Sunday.
Here's the recipe:
Sweet Shop - donut cut @ 3.74 x 2.65
Create a Critter - happy birthday cut @ 2.93 x 1.47
Don Juan - 6 cut @ 2.14 x 3.78, Gabe each letter cut @ .65 x 1.12
The confetti was cut from Happy Graduation but I forgot to save it.


  1. This is tooooo CUTE Stephaine! That Donut looks yummy enough to eat! What a very lucky 6 year old! :o)

  2. Good enough to eat! That donut looks so real. Love the festive colors.