Monday, September 26, 2011

Good morning and happy launch day!

Well, did you all stay up? I just couldn't. I went to bed at midnight but I was up at 3:45 am. Couldn't go back to sleep with this awful headache.
FYI - the name of the embossing folder is MaryAnn. I used half of the embossed sheet. So it makes 4 rectangle patterns and there's a space between each so it's easy to cut apart.
OK for todays card . This is a b-day card for one of my nieces. Hers is the first one I'm going to need next month. I used Something to Celebrate for every cut.
Aloha drink - I used the card feature, but it seemed too flimsy so I just used the drink part cut at 5", page 53
It's Your Day with layers cut at 3" page 67
Flowers cut at 2" with layers page52
Hope she likes it and you too. Thanks for looking.
God bless and hugs, Stephanie


  1. Lovely card Stephanie.The inside is really pretty too.
    Jayne x

  2. I already own one.... No Point to watch it again and again! hahahaha LOVE your card Steph!
    I love how you add such flair to the insides of your cards! Your Niece is gonna LOVE this card! :O)

  3. Love the card, Stephanie. I think I have your headache, too. It's keeping me from doing the cards I should today :-( You card cheered me though. Hope we're both better tomorrow.

  4. So much fun! Love all the glitter!!!