Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm still here and I got an award

Hi, everyone. I bet you thought I'd disappeared. It has been a really tough couple of weeks. We got through the funeral and had a football game at 1:00 on Saturday. It was so hot. We were all sick that night. Sunday we just wanted to recuperate..
We got a phone call that morning that my MIL was being taken to the hospital. She had pneumonia. I spent everyday in the hospital.
Now she's home and I'm trying to catch up.
In the meantime, I received this award from 4 different people. I was amazed.
These blogs are some of my favorites. They are:
Nita @
Peggy & Donna @
Jayne @
Cindy @
I want to thank each one of these special ladies for this award. I appreciate each and every one of you.
As part of this award you have to answer some questions and pass it on to 10 other blogs and notify them.
1. favorite color - pink
2. favorite song - Amazing Grace in french
3. favorite dessert - chocolate and gooey
4. what wizzes you off -  waiting in long lines
5. favorite pet - my late schnauzer, Dixie
6. black or white - black
7. biggest fear - not to be able to care for myself and my grandson
8. best feature - eyes
9. everyday attitude - hoping for serenity
10. What is perfection - serenity
11.guilty pleasure - buying cartridges
12. when you're upset you - eat and withdraw
So here is my 10:
Amy @ Love to Crop
Linda @ The Paper Boutique
Ally @ Rock Paper Cricut
Amy @ Scrappin Mommy
Aymee @ Southernbelle Scrapper
Kelly @ Kams Crafty Place
Linda @ Ladybug Lair
Bryan @ The Scrapguy
Lorraine @ Card Creatioins by Lorraine
Kimberly @ Craftspot by Kimberly
Please pay a visit to each of these blogs for some wonderful inspiration.
I forgot to import the picture in the beginning so I don't know where it will end up. I tried to have everything ready but I screwed up the post anyway. Forgive me.