Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good morning!

What a happy Thursday! Well, I'm trying. I got up this morning and did everything as usual. After I do my makeup, I get to drink a cup of coffee and read my emails. It's really "me" time. It didn't take to figure out that I can't "reply, forward or compose and send any. I get an error message ...this message was not sent to ... then it lists whoever I was trying to send it to. Doesn't tell me why or what to do about it. So not a very good start first thing in the morning, 5:30 am.
Onto this mornings post. Some of you know we are having Red Ribbon week at our schools and every day is something new. Hippie day, Monday. Tuesday was silly sock day and Wednesday was wear red "drug free" t-shirts. Well, Gabriel enjoyed the first 3 days. He like his hippie accessories and wore silly socks. And he had a new red drug free t-shirt for Wednesday. His hippie pic was earlier this week.
Here's his socks. He wore jeans so they didn't get a lot of attention
Today it's crazy hair/hat day. So trying to give him something no one else would have, I created a "silly" spider for a baseball hat.  When he went to bed he loved it. This morning, a whole different attitude. The first thing out of his mouth, "I don't want to wear that silly spider hat."
I sure wasn't going to force him. He was afraid everyone would laugh "at" him.
Here's the hat. So he went to school not participating. The spider stayed home with me. Maybe I'll wear it on Halloween.
He's only in Kindergarten and this school goes to the 3rd grade. I really don't think these kids know what a Hippie" is or the '70s.
We seem to have a group of mothers who dream up these things for kids that really don't care. They cut out so many things in school but they are willing to waste time on these types of things. When I was in jr. high, when there was still jr. high, we had dressup days, 3 or 4 a year, and we were old enough to understand what they were for. This school has something almost every week. The other elementary school in the area doesn't do all this.
Next Wednesday is the fiftieth day of school so were having 50s day. I bet most of these kids have never seen Happy Days. This particular day is to celebrate being halfway to the 100th day of school, for the 100th day celebration. I just don't get it. Since school started we have bought 4 special t-shirts and "spirit sleeves" .
(which I never heard of) Not counting the books, spirit sales(junk sold on game days) and providing the class with snacks once a month. At least 3 times a week there is a request to buy something. We've even had pictures made 2 times so far.I think our PTA is out of control. There are some kids that just can't buy all this stuff. They must sometimes feel left out.
Maybe I'm wrong but it just seems if they are doing all these things in the early grades when they get to be 12 and older it won't be so special. Maybe they're pushing them to grow up just a little too fast.
Sorry to be so long winded Anyone else have these issues? Or any others?
Thanks for listening. God bless. Hugs, Stephanie

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good evening

Hi, everyone. No, I don't have a new card. Just a pic of my grandson.
He is in kindergarten and this week is drug free week. Everyday there is  something different going on. Today they wore silly socks but Monday was '70's day. Now you can't find anything tie dyed or hippie-like for little boys so we improvised.
At a halloween store they had lots of stuff for adults but not kids. They did have a Quickie hippie kit - blue lens granny glasses, peace sign necklace and headband. I used Groovy Times and cut the peace sign and groovy out of vinyl. I just stuck it on his clothes and it worked.
So here's the quick pic I snapped right before we left for school.
Thanks for looking and God bless. Stephanie

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello, again!

Bet you thought I was a figment of your imagination. Nope, I'm real. Life, creative block and a few other things keep getting in the way. Oh well. I did do a Halloween card. I think I'll give it to my MIL. I made a couple of rosettes out of DCWV Halloween paper, so I had to use them. The large one is on my MIL's card so I'll have to think of something entirely different for the smaller one.
It's actually a very simple recipe... only one cricut cut. I used a paper trimmer, punches, ribbon, bling. stamps and Boo was cut from Mini Monsters at 2.25.

Thanks for looking and God bless you all. Stephanie

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Alec

Hello everyone. I'm so tired of not being to finish a crafty idea. I've been obsessing over this box for 3 or 4 days. I tend to make things too complicated. I mean good grief, just do get on with it already.
Today is my second oldest grandsons birthday, he's 11. I posted his card a few days ago, family scientist. So today I sat down and just made a box. DUH! super easy.
Sweet Tooth Boxes - box cut at 10.65
Hello Kitty Greetings - bat cut at 2.65
labels - nesties, clear stamp and some bling
The bos has some of his favorite little candy bars inside.

I think he'll like it.  Thanks for looking and God bless. Stephanie

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Good morning, everyone. I wanted to get this posted early as I will be gone all day. Today is my day to bring my MIL to the DR. and stay with her the rest of the day. (no computer, I will be lost) lol
Tuesday night I decided to make a small banner for Halloween. I was actually inspired to do one by Jayne at Jayne-Designs. Thank you, Jayne. I got it finished last night. My grandson loves it. (that's what matters... right?)
Here's the recipe:
Boo Banner
Birthday Bash - purple base cut at 5.35, layers cut at 4.63
Oct. 31 - owl and spiders cut at 2.53, cat cut at 2.88, witch cut at 2.65 4 webs cut at 5.12, pumpkin cut at 3.82
Happy Haunting - BOO cut at 2.29 and tombstone cut at 3.82
Doodle Charms - small spiders cut at 1.51
MS punches - drippy goo and spider web
Lots of glitter. (maybe too much) But my grandson loves it.

Thanks for taking a look.Appreciate the time spent. God bless and hugs, Stephanie.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Science, anyone?

Hope everyone had a great Monday. This is my last birthday card for October.
This one is for my 2nd oldest grandson. He's our family scientist. He is always finding new experiments and tricks to show us any time we have a get together. He is going to be 11. He's also quite crafty and is always disappearing into my "cricut room" to show me a cool new fold or something. This child is very interested in everything and is always busy. He helps keep us on our toes. I hope he likes his card..
Everyday Paper Dolls - doll cut at 3.82 and clothes cut at 3.82 also
Locker Talk - microscope cut at 2.19, lab equipment cut at 1.72 and science cut at 2.07
MS Elegant Cake - Happy Birthday cut at 1.24

Thanks for looking. God bless and hugs, Stephanie

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Right on target

Good morning all. How is your Saturday? The way things have been going lately I'm just glad I have the time to do this. (and a card to post)
Today is one of my BIL's birthday. I forgot about it until I remembered what today"s date is. So Last night I hurried and made this card and got it mailed. It's simple but I kind of like it.
Here's the recipe:
Indie Art - target cut at 3.19"
MS Elegant Cakes - happy birthday cut at 1.24"
A little cuttlebug action and some glitter. The sentiments were from my "mind" and printed  by me, inked and lots of layers.

Thanks so much for looking. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and God bless.Hugs, Stephanie

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I really am still here

Hello everyone. This is another one of those times when life gets in the way. My MIL is in the hospital and we're all pitching in staying with her. She seems a little better today. We're hoping they remove the drain from her lung soon.So I really haven't had any time for crafting. But I do still have a couple of cards I made for birthdays this month that I can post.
I've also been having posting issues at some of your blogs and Theresa (Scrapper 69) has been trying to help me resolve that. She probably can't believe I'm so computer challenged. haha I really appreciate her efforts. Thank you Theresa!
I better post this card before something else happens. This is for a dear family friend who has been going through some trials of her own. I used
Lacy Labels- white mat cut at 1.06 and the larger blue one cut at 1.12, label on inside cut at 1.95
Pagoda -  flower 4 page 53 cut at 3.47
MS - butterfly punch
Flower on front was a leftover - Flower Shoppe

Thanks for looking.  Hugs and God bless. Stephanie