Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November 1st

Good morning everyone. Hope you all survived Halloween. Today is one of my sons birthday. He probably wishes I'd forget it. No such luck. He doesn't like cake or any desserts so I'm fixing him a pan of homemade mac and cheese.
He also has always liked Mickey Mouse basically forever so I try to put MM somewhere in his cards. This time it's MM-head balloons.
Here's the recipe.
Picturesque - Far East cut on page 74 cut at 4.41, corners cut at 1.47
Wall Decor and More - light bulb on page 68 cut at 3.82
Create a Critter - Lets cut at 4.88
MS Elegant Cake Art - Celebrate cut at 1.0
Mickey & Friends - Mickey silhouette cut at 1.0 for the balloons
Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Thanks for looking and God bless you all. Stephanie


  1. You did a beautiful job with this card. I love all of the extra elements you added. The "Mickey" balloons were a nice touch. The inside looks terrific.

  2. I love how you have a recurring theme for his cards. That's such a neat idea. that is a cool looking guy card, as well. love the texture on the inside. I tell everyone, you should celebrate every year you have, don't deny them! The inside of your card should actually make him smile 9they like playing tough ;- ) Have a great week!

  3. Awesome Card! I just love everything about it!