Monday, January 30, 2012

Well, it's Monday again

I think I really hate alarm clocks. Mine goes off at 3:45 am . Ugh! Oh, well, it is what it is. Now onto today's card.
Our brother-in-law had an outpatient procedure the other day.They decided to keep him overnight because he had a drain. He came home the next day in a not too comfortable state. Hopefully the comfort factor gets better fast.
Here is his card.

I used B is for Boy for the bandaid and owie cut at 1.71. The ambulance inside is from Everyday Paper Dolls cut 1.82. Speedy recovery is from Everyday Popups cut at 1.12. The Get Well Soon is from Phrases cartridge cut at 2.53. I hope he likes it.
Thank you all for looking. Hugs and God bless, Stephanie

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cold Sunday morning

Hi. I hope everyone is having a great day. It's cold here (for this area, anyway) but clear and beautiful. I've had ny coffee and toast and I am enjoying my time on the computer. I even got 2 cards made yesterday.
The one I am posting today is for a 6 year old little girl. My grandson went to a birthday party for a classmate yesterday. It was a bowling party and he loves those. He actually scored a 91. Of course they had the gutter barriers up. Too bad they didn't have those when I was a teenager, I might have scored more than a 40. haha
Anyway, I have trouble buying for kids I don't personally know. Kids nowadays have everything and their stuff is so expensive. I especially have trouble with girls' gifts.
My daughter-in-law said she just gives a gift card when she doesn't know the child, so my problem solved. Who doesn't go to Walmart, right? So now I have an easy solution for the future.
Of course then I had another problem. I mean you can't give a babified card, can you?  So I was glad I hadn't thrown away the invitation.  It waas zebra print and hot pink. Yea,  another crisis averted.
Here's the card with the gift card.
The tag on the front is from Once Upon a Princess cut at 2.25
The "make a wish" on the inside is from Phrases and cut at 2.41
The crown with the "J" is from Once Upon a Princess and cut at 2.18
Happy Birthday and From is stash stamps add a little inking and a rectangle to hold the gift card and call it a day.

Thanks for looking and have a great day. Hugs and God bless, Stephanie

Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Friday

I have a home decor project for you today. This was so much fun. I have a Valentine tree. Now the story of the tree.
I used to buy lots of decorations the day after Christmas but I quit doing that several years ago. I would only buy wrapping paper for the next year. Well, this year I didn't even go to a store for about a week after Christmas. I know, unbelievable, right? Anyway I was killing time in Walmart waiting for an appointment and I decided to see what was left in the decoration department. There was a ton of these little trees and they were 50% off which made them $4.50. So I thought, why not? There wasn't a pink one so I got white and bought hot pink little decorations for it.
 I was pretty happy with my find. But when I checked out they weren't half off...they were 75% off. So this cute little tree cost me $2.11 and the decorations were $.87 a card. So the next day I decided to go to another Walmart to try to find a pink tree. There was 1 left. It was hot pink so I bought white and silver decorations for it, same great prices. Yippee (Did I mention the trees are lighted?)
That's how I got my trees, decorations and mini tree skirts  all for less than $15.00.
For this Valentine tree I used the white one because I wanted to use a lot of hot pink to decorate with.
Now for the project.
The rosette topper is from Ribbons & Rosettes and has a diameter of 5.5 " .It is wrapped with a gold and white crochet thread.The heart and love is cut from Victorian Romance, heart cut at 3.5 and love cut at 2.1
The winged cricut heads is from Cricut Decals (on the E2) and cut at 2" and layered in green and pink.
The heart with the swirls is from Home Decor, cut at 3.24. The circle with the M is cut at 2.58. I also used pink rhinestones and lots of diamond stickles. The little pinwheels, I can't remember where I got the cut.
Now I know the circles don't scream Valentines, but I saw hot pink M & M's on a commercial and knew they were going on my tree.I know it isn't logical, but what can I say? It's just me.

I am also entering several challenges with this project.

My Sheri Crafts blog - something new - My Victorian Romance cart is new
The Paper Variety - fan fold embellishment - I used Ribbons & Rosette
Crafty Creations Challenge - ch 154 - Valentine theme
Whimsical - love theme - home decor project
Simply Create Too - ch 5 - love is in the air

Thank you so much for visiting. What do you think of my tree?
Have a great crafty weekend. Hugs and God bless, Stephanie

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hi, all!

Well, I think this my last "have to" card this month. This one is for another niece.
I used Paper Lace for the happy birthday and the shadow cut. They were both cut at 4.41. I cut an extra shadow at 4.76 to hi-lite the happy birthday cut.
I used Home Decor for the cupcake and the cherry cut at 3.12. I cut it 2 times so the icing and the wrapper could be different papers. I cut the cherry 2 times to layer a red cherry on a brown stem. I used red glitter, a MS butterfly punch and a stamp from my stash for the sentiment.
Hope she likes it.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hugs and God bless, Stephanie

Monday, January 23, 2012

Yea, Monday! (not quite)

Hope you are all getting a nice start to your week. The weather changes haven't been so great for my knee and hand problems. That's why it's not quite a "yea, Monday."But hey, we make the best of things, don't we? (that's what crafters do, isn't it?) I have a birthday card for you today. I have 2 nieces with birthdays this week. So here's todays.
This niece loves purple so I always try to use it.
I used Damask Decor for this one. I cut damask 25 card feature and layers at 3.94.The layer 1 cut is on the inside cut at 4.06. The envelope for damask 25 is cut at 4.41.
Happy Birthday is from Stamping cut at 1.71 and has lots of purple glitter.The sentiment is from my stash and MS corner punch on the sentiment page.

Thanks so much for looking. Have a great crafty day. Hugs and God bless, Stephanie

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Challenge Blog

There is going to be a new challenge blog in town. are launching a new blog on February, 14th. They are having a giveaway to celebrate. Sounds like fun. I hope we can all participate.
Go by their blog and and leave a comment to be entered to win this great cart, Cars. It is retired and hard to find.
Congratulations, girls. Ready for some fun.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday, Yippee!

It was so nice not to hear an alarm clock this morning.How about you? Did you get to wake up nicely? Hope you're having a great day. I just designed my last "have-to" card for January. Now I'm waiting on Gypsy to charge.
So I thought this would be a good time for a post. I wish my life were more exciting so I would have some interesting posts. Actually I wish I could record all the amazing things that come out of my grandson's mouth. As some of you know he is six and understands a lot more than you'd think. He is always making us laugh. He really has our numbers. Sometimes I think he understands us better than we do. But I digress onto the card.
This is for a very special aunt who lives in Florida.
I used Damask Decor and cut the Teapot card feature with layers and envelope at 4.06. I decorated the teapot with some punched flowers and bling.
The inside of the card of the card has punched flowers, MS branch punch and bling. The sentiment is a stamp from my stash and MS corner punch.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Did you notice? We have a few new followers. Thank you so much , I so appreciate it. Love having the company.
Hugs and God bless, Stephanie

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hi, all!

Well, I haven't made a new card. Yesterday was spent in the Dr.s office.So I thought I would post some of the stuff I cut out for my nieces, little girls, birthday party.
I used Birthday Bash for the scalloped banner cuts. The large 3D Eiffel tower is from Summer in Paris cut at 8". The poodles are from Once Upon a Princess cut at 4" and 8".
 She is fixing candy "bars", one for grownups and one for babies. There will be a Happy Birthday banner and one with pictures from every month of this first year.I guess this weekend she will decide what else she needs.
There is also a crown from Summer in Paris. The crown and 3D tower are for the cake. She already has a lot of decorations and the invitations, I'm just doing some extras for her.

Thanks so much for looking. Hugs and God bless, Stephanie

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good evening

Hi, everyone. I thought I'd post some of my first Your Story album. It may not have a lot of embellishment but you can get one done in an evening. It really is a help to actually get something finished.
I ordered my Your Story from cricut rewards. I also ordered several album kits. I used the school kit to scrap some of last year, Pre-K.
I won't bore you with every page, just a few. I did personalize his cover. He loves it. He grabbed it when I was finished and keeps it in his room.
I used DCWV Playtime stack for the cover. The little inchworm is from Creat a Critter. Most of the extras on the inside pages are stickers from the kit and my stash.
It's not a great piece of work...remember, a 6 year old loves it. lol

Thanks for looking and happy crafting. Hugs and God bless, Stephanie

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good morning! and happy Tuesday

Or maybe not so happy. Anyone else having trouble getting it together after a 3-day weekend. It's so hard after the holidays, to start getting up and ready early again. You my hubby has  vacation time during the holidays. So no alarm clocks for work or school for more than 2 weeks. Then we go back to work and school for a week and a half ...and there's a 3-day weekend. My brain is perpetually fuzzy. Ugh!
So today we're trying to get in the groove...again!
Well since my last post I have been busy. Today I will be posting a birthday card I made for my Aunt whose birthday was yesterday. I would have posted it sooner but I've had another project going on.
My nieces baby girl will be 1 next month. The theme of her party will be Paris chic in black and pinks. You know Eiffel towers, pink poodles, crowns, banners and bling. Guess who's doing all the cutting and helping her design...Me! It really is fun. As some of you know I had all boys and this niece was "my" girl. My sister let me have a little girl So now I get to have some more through her daughter. I'll post some of her decorations later.
Now onto my card. This is for a special aunt. She really appreciates homemade cards.
I chose red, black and white for the color palate.
I used Elegant Edges for the album shape on the front cut at 4.41. Lacy Labels for the labels cut at 3.12 and 3.71. Bloom for the rectangle cut at 3.71. The flower on the inside is a nestability die and the leaves are a punch. I used a MS corner punch on the sentiment page. The stamps are from my stash and lots of red and black bling. I think she'll like it.

Thank you for looking. Hugs and God bless, Stephanie  Happy crafting.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

YEA!!! It's Saturday!

It was so nice to wake up this morning without an alarm. That just doesn't happen enough. Hope you're all having a good day. I have a card for you today. Last night I put together my first Your Story album. You can't add too many embellies, but I guess that's why you can do one in an evening. I just have to decorate the cover.
OK, back to the card. My BFF, who lives across the street) had a birthday on the 11th. This is her card.
I used DCWV Black Currant papers for this one.
 The rosette is from Ribbons and Rosettes, p. 50, cut at 5.02 X 2.5. I used the medallion on p. 63 cut at 2.52.
Happy Birthday is from Gypsy Wanderings cut at 2.88.
The snowflakes are punches.
I hand-delivered it because it was so thick. She loved it.

Thanks for looking. Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Friday, January 13, 2012

Good morning!

OK, now it's Friday. I'm still moving things around . I hope I will be able to find things when I need them. There are so many things I haven't used in years simply because I didn't know where they were or forgot about them. I guess this is a  never ending quest of a crafter. Can't help it if I'm messy and
This card is for my BIL. He just had neck surgery,which went fine as far as the neck goes.The problem is everything else that went wrong. He ended up coming home with a pacemaker and high blood pressure. A week after he was home, he started having chest pains and was rushed back to Houston. He has a big blood clot in his lung. So they put him on coumadin  for 6 months and sent him home. That is supposed to take care of the clot in time. Coumadin is no picnic trying to get it regulated. Like most of the men in my family he isn't the best patient.
So with lots of love and prayers he is improving. Thus, the card.
The tree is from Pooh and Friends cut at 3.71, turtle is from Noah's ABC Animals cut at 1.35, grass is from EDPD cut at .88, MS branch punch and clouds from Create a Critter, "better" is welded from Plantin Schoolbook and cut at 1.39. The labels are nesties and the sentiment is computer generated.

I think he liked it. Thanks for looking. Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Thursday

Yes, it's Thursday and I have a card to post. YEA!!! I'm still going through my craft room and throwing out and hoping I remember where I put my supplies. Do you ever do that...put things in the perfect place and when you need it you can't remember where that perfect place is? That's the story of my life. Oh well back to business.
This card is for my wonderful SIL. Her b-day was on the 9th. I had to call her and wish her a happy day and let her know I hadn't made her card yet. She understood, as long as she gets one.haha
This card has only 1 cricut cut on it. The cupcake is from Celebrations cut at 2.65 and layered. The flower is from my stash and the labels are nesties, labels 4. The paper is DVWV and I used the MS branch punch. I added a little bling and some ribbon from my stash and "voila"...a card is born.

I hope she likes it. I actually made 2 other cards that day, YEA me.
Thanks so much for stopping by and maybe leaving a comment. Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I'm trying to get my house back in order. My son went back to Florida yesterday after a 2 week visit. We so enjoyed it.
He actually got my hubby to do something I've been wanting done for years. Our grandson got a new XBOX 360 Kinect for Christmas. Thank goodness my son knows how to set these things up. The problem was, the parts that need to be read to set up the games was so small on the 27" TV we could barely read it.
My son said, "Dad he really needs a bigger screen to play these games."  This also meant we had to get rid of the home made shelving unit that held the TV and various books and toys. This made me very happy as I hated the thing and wanted to get rid of a lot of stuff. So the day after Christmas they went out and bought a 42" flat screen and media center to hold up the TV and with shelves for the Wii, XBOX, DVD player and all the games .
He has lots of toys and I have to remove them when my son comes to make room for the blow-up bed. It's not as bad as it sounds. It is a queen size about 3 feet off the floor and it's made so that it can't tilt when you turn over. It's very comfortable.
Anyway we started going through his toys and he wanted to give a lot of them to Goodwill. I bought these 2 carts from Walmart with 3 big drawers  and we started filling them up. This morning we finished going through the big rubbermaid bins I put in the garage  with toys. There was 3 of them. He gave away so much, things he really hasn't played with in a couple of years. So now it is all easy for him to get to and it is neat. He loves it and I do too.
Now I have to tackle my craft room. That won't be so easy. I actually hope to craft a little too. I haven't been able to for about 3 weeks. I'm having withdrawals!
 Thanks so much for visiting. Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A new beginning

Hello everyone. I hope all is well with you. Tomorrow my grandson goes back to school so things will be a little closer to normal. My oldest son is here until the 7th and my hubby is on vacation until next Monday. Hopefully I will be able to create again soon.
This post is about my darling DIL. She LOVES Rick Springfield. For those of you who don't know who he is...he was an actor/singer during the 80's. He was a real heartthrob. One of his hits was Jessie's Girl.
Well, we have a couple of venues in our area that books concerts and gets some pretty big acts. (The Judd's, Cher, Willie Nelson to name a few)
On Dec. 9th Rick Springfield was here and she got to go. She got to go backstage and meet him. My son bought her a signed guitar from him. She has been "giddy" ever since.
So when she had the pictures printed up, she was playing around with some borders. Thus was born this Christmas card,
We've had a great time kidding her about her "crush".
Thanks for looking and commenting. God bless and hugs, Stephanie