Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cold Sunday morning

Hi. I hope everyone is having a great day. It's cold here (for this area, anyway) but clear and beautiful. I've had ny coffee and toast and I am enjoying my time on the computer. I even got 2 cards made yesterday.
The one I am posting today is for a 6 year old little girl. My grandson went to a birthday party for a classmate yesterday. It was a bowling party and he loves those. He actually scored a 91. Of course they had the gutter barriers up. Too bad they didn't have those when I was a teenager, I might have scored more than a 40. haha
Anyway, I have trouble buying for kids I don't personally know. Kids nowadays have everything and their stuff is so expensive. I especially have trouble with girls' gifts.
My daughter-in-law said she just gives a gift card when she doesn't know the child, so my problem solved. Who doesn't go to Walmart, right? So now I have an easy solution for the future.
Of course then I had another problem. I mean you can't give a babified card, can you?  So I was glad I hadn't thrown away the invitation.  It waas zebra print and hot pink. Yea,  another crisis averted.
Here's the card with the gift card.
The tag on the front is from Once Upon a Princess cut at 2.25
The "make a wish" on the inside is from Phrases and cut at 2.41
The crown with the "J" is from Once Upon a Princess and cut at 2.18
Happy Birthday and From is stash stamps add a little inking and a rectangle to hold the gift card and call it a day.

Thanks for looking and have a great day. Hugs and God bless, Stephanie


  1. Super card,love the pink and zebra stripe. You can't go wrong with gift cards!It turns to cold hard cash as they get older! lol!
    Jayne x

  2. I'm sure she'll just looove the card ;- ) So very cool, Stephanie.

  3. What a COOL Card! I'm sure the little girl is gonna LOVE the card since it sounds like it matched the invite and gift cards are the best gift IMO! Kids are hard to shop for like you said and a gift card lets them get whatever they want... soooo it all works out! :o)