Friday, August 17, 2012

What a day!

I hope today is better than yesterday. I couldn't concentrate on one specific thing, So I decided to just cut random thing with the new Artiste cart.
I started just cutting with white but that got boring fast. I have a couple of 12x12 books that I bought when I first got my E that I use for sample cuts so I used them.  I will post pics of what I cut. But first...
Do any of you go to the cricut MB's? They are all changed up again.It's so hard to find anything and to me it doesn't make sense. Anyway I was waiting all day for Hello Thursday. No formal announcement. Someone posted the names of the carts and a link.  So I did get to see new carts. Some people are buying new Lite carts at some Walmarts but I can't find them on You'd think PC would put as much info and pics as possible and make them readily available to all of us. I love new carts and I look forward to each release. I'm going to go to the one WM out of the 4 within 30 minutes of me to see if they have any new ones. I won't hold my breath. The last "new" ones were Yee Haw and Beep Beep.

Oh well back to the Artiste cuts. Here's a few pics. It really is a good cart with a lot of variety.
Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and God bless. Stephanie


  1. Cute projects! I am liking all the images from Artiste. Do I need to put that on my list too!
    I have not posted on the MB in long time--last time I never could get a photo uploaded. I have viewed the site lately..quite a lot of changes.
    Happy shopping! Hope you find some great carts!

  2. I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one who has been having "one of those days"! Seems like I've had "one of those weeks". I'm blaming my lack of concentration and complete "yuckness" on! Looks like you made good use of your time. I got my cart a few days ago and still haven't touched it. Your cuts look great and make me want to go give mine a try - maybe this weekend. I am a member of the Circle and do visit the board occasionally. I'm more of a lurker than a poster and haven't been over there in several days. I seem to stay confused when over there - and I'm thinking I can blame that on Cricut instead of menopause, because they seem to always be out of!

  3. Your cuts look great, can't wait to see how you use them!! And I'm with you---Hello Thursday was a huge let down!!! I miss the Circle blog!! And the regular blog!! And the Hello Thursday gals!!! I hope they come up with a new way of announcing carts ASAP!!!! ;)

  4. Wow nice project thanks for sharing!!!

  5. All of those cuts are wonderful Stephanie! :o) This cartridge is next on my list! :O) I didn't know it was mentioned on the MB.... Of course I don't go to the boards much..... But I found the lite's at my Wally world... Was a BIG SHOCK to see new carts.... I got 3 of them.... I posted them on my blog! :O)

  6. Awesome projects!!!Love the big Bow!