Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gabe and his skates

Before I get to today's post I want to say "Happy Grandparents Day" to everyone.  In Diane's post (Capadia Designs) she alerted me to this fact. Thank you Diane for always keeping me on track.
OK, for today. Some of you know that last Friday, the 7th, was my GS Gabe's 7th birthday. He surprised us by wanting skates. So that's what he got. (with pads and helmet, of course)
That child was so excited. He couldn't even stand straight when he put them on. But he can be very persistent and within an hour he had pretty good balance and was walking in them. They are in-lines which seem harder to me. So now he's skating fairly well.
He loves wearing the whole get-up. He thinks he looks really cool.
I decided his card needed a skate on it. I used the hockey skate from Sports Mania and turned it into an in-line skate. It is cut at 2.53. He had his favorite dinner, pizza so that is the inside cut. I used Fast Food, the whole pizza cut at 3.24.
He was very happy which makes us ecstatic.

Thanks so much for spending a part of your day with me. I really apperciate it.
Hugs and God bless you all.  Stephanie


  1. He looks well pleased with his skates. Fabulous fun card to go with them :-)

  2. So cute!!! And the card is cute too :-) I'm sure he's going to love the skates!

    ~ Hugs ~


  3. So cute, I like how you added the skate & his favorite food on the inside!!

  4. LOVE the Card Stephanie! And how cool for him to get skates and walking in them already! I rememeber when my middle son wanted skates for Christmas one year... He got them of course with the helmet and pads too! He practiced & practiced until he was semi good! LOL He spent all day doing it and had lots of bumps & bruises but he kept on till he was really good at it! I hope Gabe loves his gift and continues to use them for a long time.... He may even become a skate master! :o)