Sunday, December 9, 2012

Not so favorite card

Hi, all. Sorry for being MIA this week. Hope you've had a good week. Mine, not so much. I've had hand and shoulder issues and then I was lucky enough to get some kind of virus for the last 4 days. Such fun. So I haven't been crafting much this week.
Anyway today is my first foray into carddom and I thought I would make something easy. I picked the new A Quilted Christmas. No problem, right?
First I picked the manger silhouette card. Got all the pieces cut with the printed layers...and guess what? You couldn't tell what the silhouette was. I picked the cut and I couldn't tell what it was. So I wasted a lot of time and paper on that one. So I decided to pick another card.
This time I picked the candles silhouette. At least you can tell what the cut is but I'm not very impressed with this feature.
I was making this card for a challenge but I'm not too pleased with it. I decided to post it even though I don't really like it.
I think I should be an equal opportunity blog poster...the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some days it just doesn't pay to craft. This ever happen to any of you?
Thanks for dropping by.  Be sure to come back tomorrow for a DT project. This one I like.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

It seems a crazy person has taken over this blog. I can't seem to NOT finish the inside of a card, even one I don't like.  (my sisters call it OCD. Wonder what they mean by that?) So I'm back with the inside done. I actually like the inside of this card.
Anyway, take a look. If you've lasted this long, you might as well see the finish.
Thanks for putting up with me. I may be a little crazy but I'm harmless...I promise.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie


  1. Pretty! I like the candle silhouette..I have not tried that one. Pretty papers! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Feel better soon - I actually like how it turned out. Maybe a plain paper for the front would have shown the silhouette more - don't know haven't tried this cut yet:-) Love the inside too and those papers are wonderful. TFS

  3. aawwww....I have been having one of those days too Stephanie! I know exactly how you feel - it's not my day to craft either. However, I don't think your card fits into the "bad" or "ugly" category! I have that cart and haven't played with it yet (it may not happen this year). I like the papers you used, the candles are pretty and the ribbon is a sweet touch. I like the second card also and the inside looks great.
    I also happen think that a "little crazy' is probably a good thing! Hang in there - hopefully tomorrow will be a better crafting day for both of us!

  4. Awww Steph, I like this card! The inside looks as nice as the outside. I can see why you had a hard with with this cart, it looks a little difficult. I hope you are feeling better and that your hand and shoulder are doing well too! Hugs!

  5. You are completely harmless, it's true, and waaaay too hard on yourself. Your card is adorable, and I love that you finish the inside as beautifully as the outside! But I know what you mean.....some days, the crafting just doesn't come easy!