Friday, March 15, 2013

2nd Anniversary card

Hi, all. Yesterday I posted an anniversary card for my sis and BIL. It's a very pretty card and if you read yesterday's post, my hubby had an issue with it.
So this is the 2nd card for them.
Hope you like it. Which one do you like best, 1st or 2nd one?
Indie Art - rose cut at 3.
Outdoor Man - fish cut at 3, lures cut at 1.4
Plantin - "and" sign cut at 1.59
Simple Cards - card base cut at 4.
Wedding - hearts cut at 2.88

Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and God bless. Stephanie


  1. Well, I have to say that this does make me smile! Love that it's personalized to exactly suit your sister and BIL!

  2. nailed the "challenge" your hubby gave you! I LOVE it - good for you! I love the soft, pretty card you made yesterday (for your sister) and this one is just plain fun! Great job on both cards !

  3. LOL!!! Love it and you can say Hubby made me do it!! It's fab :-) TFS

  4. Oh wow, this one is great because it's so personal, but I'm a sucker for the pretty flowers yesterday!!! ;)

  5. Can't understand what the issue is your hubby had -- both cards are wonderful. I absolutely love the first one!

  6. GORGEOUS Card you made yesterday! LOVE it! And Anniversary cards are suppose to be PRETTY!!!! DUH! LOL Todays card is fun and fabulous! They're both wonderful choices and I'm sure which ever one you send or both..... They will appreciate because they were made from the heart! HUGS!