Thursday, December 5, 2013

3d Advent project

Happy Thursday, everyone. How has your week going? Mine has not been very creative, I'm afraid. I've been doing shopping in the morning and after school there is homework, dinner and then Gabe wants to play dominoes. And lots of talking.

We are very close and I would not miss this time with him.

This is the last Advent calendar I made. It is also why the other one was not made again so it would have 24 days to countdown. (if I get caught up I still might make one)

I don't have a Cameo so mine was cut on my Portrait. I tell you this because with the "P" it does take a little more paper. I used 30 sheets of paper and it took a whole Saturday to make.

So if you are planning to make one like this count your paper before you start. I ended up using 3 different greens because I had no idea how much it would take.

Here it



  1. Wow - you are on a roll with these amazing 3D projects! This is really pretty and I think I like it better with the different shades of green than I would with just one solid color. This gives so much more detail.
    Enjoy your time with that sweet boy - I am the same way with my granddaughter. They grow up much too fast :(

  2. Love that you are spending so much quality time with your family! Enjoy those sweet children even moment that you can! LOVE this advent tree. Such a unique and fun design!

  3. Oh Wow! This is amazing Steph. It was well worth all your time!
    Have a great weekend.
    Jayne x

  4. This is awesome! I love the drawers and the fabulous shape! TFS

  5. WOW! Stephanie... this looks AMAZING! I LOVE the different shades of GREEN! Very cool 3D project! :o)

  6. Wow Stephanie, this is amazing!! I can imagine how much paper it took, but you did a fabulous job on it and I really love the different shades of green on the drawers! So cool my friend! Hugs!