Monday, January 27, 2014

Birthday card

Good morning! How is your weather? Today is bleak. Chances of rain after noon but the high is 60. So damp muggy and no sun. Ugh!  Tomorrow they are predicting snow for southeast Texas. (a very rare occasion) So with the temperatures bouncing around the best thing to do is stay home and make something, right?

I have a birthday card to share with you today. This is the last one I need for January. This one is for an aunt who lives in Florida. Her b-day was this past weekend.

The card bas is a Silhouette cut and I added the details.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Whatever your weather stay safe and warm.

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another niece's birthday

Good evening, everyone. I'm just now getting to do this post.

Today's post is a card for my other niece with a January birthday. This will be short and sweet. It isn't that late but I'm so tired and sleepy.

So before I fall asleep, take a look:

This was a  silhouette card cut.
I know it's time to get off the computer because I deleted all my emails by accident. Then I deleted all my deleted items before I realized it.

Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Niece's birthday

Good morning and happy Sunday! It's early, a little after 6 am (I've been up since 4 am) and I'm getting sleepy. I think my hot coffee made me sleepy. lol

So after reading a bunch of emails and commenting I decided to write a post. No old stuff to show today, this is a new card. I have 2 nieces and another aunt with January birthdays.

This one is for the 23rd.

This niece loves purple so that's what I used. All the cuts are from the Sil online store. I love the silver glitter. (DCWV glitzy paper)

Thanks for your visit. Love the company.

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christmas - 1989

Good morning, all. Hope your week is going well. With the visitation and funeral this wasn't the best week. Now things need to get back to normal because the world does not stop just because something happens in your family. Ever notice that?

Today I have another of my past (like 25 years ago) projects. I loved painting Santas and this was my favorite t-shirt Santa. I made the accessories to go with it.

The bracelet, earrings and pin are a wooden background. The clips (remember these-you grab the side of the shirt and add a clip on the hip) well I made these too. I can't remember the name but it was like a cast material. (for broken arms, etc) You wet it and mold/sculpt it in whatever shape you wanted, let it dry then paint and seal it. Not a quick process. But that was the style.

Hope I'm not boring you with this stuff, I still have more to show.

Take a look:

These are the clips
front of shirt

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Monday, January 13, 2014

Thank you

Hello, everyone.  I have a card to show you today but it isn't a Thank you card. The Thank you today is for my beautiful followers who always leave me such wonderful, inspiring, sweet, happy, funny comments. Whatever the occasion calls for. They make my day and I thank God for everyone of you.
So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Today's card is for an aunt that is very special to me. Her birthday is in a few days.

Take a look:

I hope she likes it.
Thanks for stopping by. I really do appreciate you.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Saturday, January 11, 2014

BFF's B-day

Hi, everyone. Hope your Saturday is going well. Unfortunately we're having to plan a funeral. My husband's older brother died yesterday. So this will be short and sweet.

My BFF, who happens to live across the street, has a birthday today.  She isn't going through a very nice time right now either. She and her husband are traveling to Louisiana each week to bring her aunt for cancer treatment. So we all seem to have something that isn't pleasant to take care of.

Thank you, Lord, for helping us through this. I know a lot of you are dealing with things that are less than pleasant and he helps you. too.

My friend collects teapots along with candlesticks, etc.

So here's her card:

This is a silhouette file. They always cut so nicely.  I bought a file from SVG Cuts, Tea for You and Me, just so I could make her the teapot. The only problem was I needed 3 sheets of matching patterned paper instead of just 2 because I have a Portrait and not a Cameo. 

Anyway, this particular pattern is the only thing I had with 3 sheets. So I made it anyway. I just don't like the paper. I'll have to make her another one later. (poor planning on my part) It was fun to make.

Here's picture of it:

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Friday, January 10, 2014

Another blast from the past

Good morning, everyone. Yea, it's Friday. Seems like a long week after the holidays.

Today's post is a short one. I thought I would show you a couple of t-shirts I painted way back when. (the very early 90's) I hung on to my favorites.

I liked painting faces, all the details. So most of my shirts are faces. I got a lot of my designs from greeting cards.

Take a look:

This one is on the bottom of a skirt. (the only time I ever wore a long skirt) Southwest was very popular. Made me look even shorter than I am.
Thanks for dropping by.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

SIL Birthday card

Happy hump day everyone. Getting close to the weekend and no alarm clock. Yea!  Hope you're having a good week.

I have some more painted stuff to show you but not today. Today is all about my sweet SIL.

Tomorrow is her birthday so I made her a card like I always do. But this one is a little different.

You see at Christmas she found out she was going to be a grandma for the first time. She is so excited.  So this years card is pink and blue. The card base I found in the Sil store is called "grandmas lace". Isn't that perfect?

I think she'll like it. Take a look:

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Monday, January 6, 2014

Can we say...sidetracked!

Have you ever walked into a room with one thing in mind and ended up doing something totally different? I know, it happens to me all the time. But...this morning was really different.

I decided to throw out some old makeup and came across some items I painted in the 90's.

You see, before I started paper crafting I used to paint. I painted wood cutouts, t-shirts and even did my own hand painted jewelry. In this drawer I had some small wood pieces, animal heads with a hole through from side to side and you strung a bandana or scarf thru. You wore them around your neck.  I was really proud of the way they turned out so I kept them. I also kept my favorite personal t-shirts that I painted. Then there is the holiday jewelry and baseball pins.

I think today I'll post the scarf holders. Take a look:

As you can probably tell, I've always loved details and these have a lot of it.  These pieces are about 2 1/2" by 1 1/2".
Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me. Hope you weren't bored. I'll post some of the other things later. I've taken the pictures so that is half the battle.

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Years frame

Hi, everyone. Are you all ready to get back to school and normal routine? Can't say that I am. We have thoroughly enjoyed lounging in our pjs as much as we want. It's going to be so hard to be up and dressed by 7:00 tomorrow morning. Ugh!!!

Today I thought I would post my Sil Advent frame decorated for New Years and winter. It isn't elaborate but it is fun to do whatever you feel like doing. I'm so glad hubby bought this for me. (also glad it was on sale, I hate paying full price for anything) lol

Take a look:

This first pic was with the flash

All the cuts are done with my Portrait.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Friday, January 3, 2014

2nd post today

Hello, again.
I just read about a challenge at Pretty Paper Pretty Ribbons - make a gift giving project with one of their cut files.  I used the free file offered  today, heart with banner on my gift bag.

Take a look:

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Jan. 3rd

Well, have you all recuperated from the holidays? My tree is still up. (unusual for me) I'll probably take it down today. (or maybe not) I kind of like it. It relaxes me.

I know lots of you are having winter storms, hope you're all warm, cozy and safe. It's cold and windy here. (good crafting weather) Since Sunday afternoon I've been doing lots of cutting. I've made 2 of the birthday cards I need this month, lots of snowflakes and cut a white 3d forest.

Here's a few pics:

I decided to dress my magenta tree with white and green snowflakes. I also cut several photo props from the Sil online store. I love these. The white tree are a Lettering Delights file. I used some heavy paper I got at Michael's. They are very sturdy.
I'm entering a couple of challenges with this.

2 Creative Chicks - anything goes
Silhouette Challenges - anything goes

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie

Sorry the sites aren't linked but blogger won't let me link them. I got them to hi-light once but then it disappeared. I've tried 4 more times.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year my dear bloggy friends! I wish all of you a safe, happy, healthy and very crafty new year.

Just thought I would post some of Gabe's 2nd grade Christmas artwork from school.

He loves having his art put on the walls and doors.

Have a wonderful day.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie