Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super bowl

Hi, everyone. This post has actually nothing to do with the super bowl it just happens to be the same day. I don't follow football or any sport really except golf because my hubby plays and watches. So I know some of the key players and have a few favs.

As far as sports go I follow what my grandkids play. That's enough for me. I can be very vocal in their support. Sometimes it amazes me how wrapped up I can get in a game. I don't cause trouble or yell at umpires or anything, I just get very excited when they do good.

Cade, 10, had 2 basketball games yesterday. There was so many "almost" baskets I needed a nap afterwards.  Cade intercepted a ball, tried for a basket and committed his first foul. lol All in one game.  We were so excited.

This has nothing to do with this post, either.  Sorry for rambling.

This post is a few more t-shirt clips and some earrings.

Take a look:

These are all made with the gauzy fabric that has plaster in it. You wet it, shape it, dry it, paint ans seal it.

You'll see this hat again with the t-shirt it went with.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I love reading your comments. Hope to see you soon.

Hugs, God bless. Stephanie


  1. Love how passionate you get about your Grandson's games, Steph! Times like these are so precious, and it all goes so quickly! Thanks for sharing your adorable hand-painted clips. They really do make me smile!

  2. I love that you got so excited that you need a nap afterwards LOL! Wonderful painted creations - they are so detailed! TFS

  3. It's fun to cheer on the grandskids and because we are passionate about them we get passionate about cheering them on. Love that! My grands aren't old enough yet for any sports, but I'm sure that we will cheer ours on too. Love, love your crafty items Stephanie! I had to die, you are so talented my friend. And please, I'm not a hero, but do come from strong stock. lol Things are going well with chemo and hubby is doing really well. All prayers are being answered!! Thank you my friend, for keeping us in your prayers. Big hugs!

  4. Hey.... I'm with you Stephanie.... Vocal at kids games and well the superbowl! I'm a die hard Chicago Fan.... So when the broncos were playing I was rooting for the other team.... not cuz I liked them either.... but because I don't like the broncos! LOL I LOVE all of these neat projects you use to do.... Maybe you should starts some new ones up and share them too.... Just a thought.. :o)

  5. Hi Steph.... I am so pleased you came to visit my blog. I am with you, I am not a sports person but when my young son (years back) was in soccer, I was right there, cheering him on. Your posted projects are so interesting to see. You take care.

  6. These are amazing Steph...such wonderful detail. I'm with you, have to cheer too! There's no other way! Lol.
    Thanks for your comment on my glass dome. The dome is about 5" but at Christmas I made the houses and attached those with ribbon directly to the tree. I just made a bit of a scene and put it in a glass dome so I could have it around for longer! X

  7. Your grandkids are lucky to have such a wonderful supporter Stephanie, and one that is such a good sports, as those are unfortunately harder to come by sometimes!! Another terrific project share, I really enjoy these posts!