Friday, May 16, 2014

Surprise news (at least for me)

Good afternoon. Hope you're all well. We got a little news last night.

We have been "playing" baseball since late March.  Lots of cold game nights, some almost unbearable.

We have 2 grandsons playing, 1 in Minor League and 1 in Little League. Minor plays at 5:30 and Little plays at 7:30. It is really hard when they play on the same night. We've had 9 or 10 same-night games. Last night was one of them. I have been counting down till it's over, 4 games left, 2 each.

Last night after the first game they announced the 8 and 9 year old All Stars. Imagine my surprise when they called Gabe's name. lol (hubby already knew) So guess what, on May 26th it will not be over.

So being a good mimi I will smile and be very glad for him.  (and pray my body holds out spending hours in the stands).

Anyway, this is all leading up to his door décor. All Stars is a big thing, right? He was happy with it.

These are all Sil files.

There is a big tournament the first week of June. The brackets haven't been fixed we don't know how long this will last. I just want Gabe to have a good experience.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs, Stephanie


  1. Big Thing indeed! Wow, that's awesome. Congrats to Gabe and my sympathy to! I remember well how very, very long baseball season can be, and basketball and soccer. The joys of having 2 boys so close in age. One day you will look back on it all and be so happy that you supported him in his sporting endeavors. And, he will also treasure the memory of seeing his Mimi in the stands rooting for him! His door looks AWESOME - I bet that brought a big smile to his face! You are a wonderful Mimi! Happy weekend my friend!

  2. Wow, how awesome for Gabe! Congrats to him too!!! I know how you feel Stephanie, it does last forever it seems especially when it is cold out still. I had all 5 of my boys in baseball and of course they all had to be somewhere different on the same nights and of course games were hard to watch when they had games on the same nights. And then of course we had our 6th child who was an infant and hubby couldn't help me out because he was in the fields! Lets just say I was so glad when the boys didn't want to play anymore. lol I was exhausted running them and trying to get everyone where they needed to be on the time they needed to be there! It is fun though and I took a lawn chair because that was more comfortable than the stadium seating. My back and backside thanked me. I could also get up if I had to without being in the way of other people. Hang in there Stephanie, it will end. lol Now I have to say how fun that you decorated his door!!! It looks great!! You are such a great mimi!! Hugs my friend.

    1. I know what you mean, Brenda. We had 3 and an infant playing. It can get nuts. I would really be nuts with 6. haha
      My biggest hurdle is it's been 20 years since I have had to deal with all of this first hand. Like childbirth, you forget. haha
      But we will get through it. Then next year we can do it all over again and I'll be a whole year older. lol
      I guess it has to hurt to have fun. No pain, no

  3. This is so wonderful - love his door decorations. Fabulous news and congrats to Gabe!

  4. Awe.... Your such an awesome MiMi!!! And Congrats to Gabe! How AWESOME is that being an All Star! Way Cool for him! :o) I know it's been tough on you.... but your support means the world to him and as I said at the beginning.... your an AWESOME MiMI!!! Remember that! :O) Love the décor for his door! :o)

  5. Awww, you are such a good Mimi to just smile through it all and be their cheerleader! Yay for Gabe making all stars! And I just ADORE that you decorated his door for this big event! Those cut files are perfect and so, so fun and festive!

  6. I am sure he will love this Stephanie, the banner is wonderful and I know he loves having you there to support him!!

  7. What a fitting tribute to Gabe. Great banner. Have a blessed day
    DIANA L.

  8. How exciting!! Congrats to Gabe!
    And what a wonderful way to help him celebrate. I bet he loved them.
    Hang in there. It is wonderful you are able to be there to watch and cheer him on.
    Crafty hugs,