Sunday, July 27, 2014

Horrible posts

Good morning. I'm not posting a project, mainly because I haven't taken photos yet. I have a problem.

On Bloglovin, I'm getting the horribly nasty posts in my daily feed. They are written in Chinese or Japanese or something like that. under the little intro it is written in English something about a life coach. I've been getting these and just scroll past them. A nuisance but that was about it.

Now some of these have a photo on the right and they are horrible! I would die if Gabriel was in  here and saw any of this when I am scrolling through my daily feed.
My question - does anyone know how to get rid of these disgusting posts.



  1. I would try going into Bloglovin and go to their help tab. {it is where you sign in and out}. I bet you can either request they block that creep especially if the photos and comments are horrible. Or they can hopefully tell you what steps you can take.
    Please share when you find out so we can do the same if they find us.
    Why can't these people get we DO NOT want their junk?

  2. OMGosh that is awful Stephanie! I wish I knew what to do to help you. I think the net has been awful lately anyway. I guess hackers are really getting into things and that's not a good thing. I wish they would put their talents to good use instead! My son also told me because I was getting pop ups not to watch You Tube from your email, go directly to the blog or You Tube. I had to die you have to be careful of everything you do on the computer and the internet!! Good luck with this Stephanie, I hope you find out how to fix this problem. Hugs, Brenda

  3. not sure what you can do about it all, Stephanie, as I don't know anything about Bloglovin'. I know in Wordpress, I can mark comments as spam, and then they go to a separate folder. I still have to go and delete them, but at least they aren't visible to the public. So sorry.