Monday, January 19, 2015

A little progress

Happy Monday, all. Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was very busy. Just not crafty busy.

Gabe decided to play baseball after telling us for 2 weeks he did not want to play this year.  So Saturday morning was the last time to sigh up. So I was at the ball park at 9am doing the paper work and paying.

When I got back home we went to Academy for cleats. We bought cleats, a new fielders glove, batting gloves and new sneaks for school. Then home we went.

We had to get ready for Cade's (11 yr. old gs) basketball game. They won! Then home again.

Next we got ready for church at 4pm. Finally got home at 5 to stay. No one felt very well.

Then Sunday  morning comes. It's nice to laze around drinking coffee and reading emails. (hubby played golf) A nice day. Hubby gets home about noon. Around 1pm we hear this horrible racket. It's my washing machine. I think it committed suicide.
My son had to buy one last weekend so we went to get one like his and there were none Would have to wait till Thursday to get one in. I don't know about you but I wash every day and no way could I wait for Thursday. So they found one in Sulphur, Louisiana (about an hour away). Hubby is on his way back with new machine. I made this card while he was gone. (bet you wondered where I was going with all this) lol

Anyway I had the little skates already made and I couldn't throw them away, could I? So I made the card.

So thanks for stopping by to see the card that I made for no reason.
Hope this is the beginning of a wonderful week.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie


  1. Super, super cute Stephanie, I love the little skates hanging off!! Hope you enjoy your new washing machine & things settle down for you!!

  2. WOW Steph! Sounds like a crazy busy weekend! Sorry to hear about your washing machine.... I had that happen to me not to long ago... luckily for me... I paid $375 for the memory board and all was good again.... Mind you... I've had that machine for 10yrs. already... Really didn't want to pay even more for a new one.... Mine was one of the first digital pad type machine without the agitator.... and my set is gray... not something you could find 10 years ago... But I LOVED my set and when it started to go out... I was freakin' out... then it finally said that's it & wouldn't work... So then I took a gamble on it being the mother board in the washer.... Didn't call someone to look at it... Just told my hubby I think it's the mother board and bought a new one... He & my oldest boy put the new mother board in.... and it works like a charm again! So glad I didn't have to get a new one... But I do hope you like your new washer! :) Any way.. back on track... Your card is lovely! I LOVE those skates... they look wonderful on that sled! Great card! :)

  3. Your weekend sounds anything but relaxing my sweet friend! Mine was pretty calm, but I was busy with the grands Wednesday night and most of Thursday so I needed a bit of relaxing!

    I love this sweet, wintery card. Those skate are so pretty and the perfect accent for this darling card! It's so nice when you have something already made to add "just the right touch" to a new project! Enjoy your new washer!

  4. Stephanie,
    Really like the card hon... love wintery anything that showcases ice skates! I used to ice skate a lot as a young girl, miss it so much. And good for Gabe that he decided to play baseball this year! I miss those days too. My daughter and son both played baseball and softball and I used to be coach. Miss those days so much! Hope you are doing good... Miss ya!

  5. You were one busy lady Stephanie!!! My washer died too a while back, luckily I don't have to wash everyday anymore, so I was able to wait until hubby had the time to go shopping with me for a washer. I had to wait really long for a dryer, but it happened in the summer and I just hung my laundry out! Hubby drags his feet, especially when he is busy on the farm. I'm glad you were able to get the washer you wanted and that hubby was able to go and pick it up. If I had kids around still I'd be washing everyday too! I used to wash at least 5 loads a day when all the boys were home. And there wasn't any skipping wash day either. lol I love, love your card, the skates are so pretty so I'm glad you made a card with them. I love them hanging from the sled! I have a pair of skates somewhere, I need to put them on my sled! lol Hugs, Brenda

  6. Fabulous card - what a busy day!! Hope your new washing machine is working hard for you :-) TFS

  7. Love your sweet card. Thanks for sharing.
    Just wondering... did they actually "run out" of machines or did you arrange that to get a little crafting time. lol. Just kidding.
    Hope your machine is up and running now.
    Crafty hugs,
    Designs By Dragonfly {blogspot}

  8. Goodness, you do keep busy, don't you? Sorry about your washing machine! Glad you still got in a bit of crafting time, though. Your card is adorable! I really love the interactive element to this, and that sled with the hanging skates is super sweet!