Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy birthday Auntie

God morning!

Short post today. I have a card to show you for my aunt. Her birthday is just a couple of days away. It is another snowflake card. (I think it's the last one) ha

I'm kind of stuck. I tell myself I'm going to make something and then nothing happens. I want to do 3d but end up doing nothing. I need to get focused. Plus my hands hurt a lot less when I'm crafting.(You think that could all be in my head?) lol

Anyway here's the card:

It really is prettier in person. The center is a snowflake button.

Thanks for the visit.

Hugs and God bless. Stephanie


  1. This is beautiful, Stephanie! Tons of detail, even without the 3D, and I love the purple and silver color combo you used. The center snowflake button is really fun, too!

  2. This is lovely Stephanie! I like the pretty colors and glitter.... I don't mind seeing the snowflakes... as I said yesterday.. it's still winter and its the perfect time for them! And don't worry about your 3D items... just make something simple and it'll all come back to ya! :)

  3. ooohhhh...I love the pretty colors on this one. And I love,love,love the glitter! Happy birthday to your Aunt, I know she will love this sweet card.

    I know exactly how you feel, my whole body hurts less when I'm crafting. Whether it's in our head or not...that's our story and lets stick to it!

  4. What a fabulous shaped card! TFS