Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In heart mode

Good afternoon. Finally I'm posting. Hope everyone is warm and safe.

I just left the room for what should have been 10 min. It has been over a half hour since I was typing. I seem to be so scattered. I have been doing a little crafting but some days I just can't concentrate and get it together.

I do have projects done and today I took photos. But what I want to show you are these cute little treat boxes. SVGCuts  put a new  free file in their gallery. It's so cute! I made 5 of them this morning just because.

 Aren't they cute? They are only about 2 1/2" x 1".

I will try to post some more  soon.

BTW, my new washer is working great. I just have one problem...the tub is so deep I can't reach the bottom of it. lol The newer ones take up less room but unfortunately they are deeper. But we adapt, don't we.? That's what being female means, isn't it? haha

Take care and see you soon.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie


  1. We females do have to do lots of adapting, don't we?! Guess you're going to need a step stool - but be careful...I can just picture myself standing tippy toes on a step stool, leaning into the washer...and falling right in!

    These little boxes are super sweet and I love the tiny size! Just perfect for a sweet treat! I love the window so that you get a little peep at the goodies inside.

    Be careful around that washer and I'll see you soon my sweet friend!

  2. What sweet little treat boxes, Stephanie! They are so tiny and so fun! I love the clear window cut out at the top, and the little heart closures, too.
    I know what you mean about washers these days.... I feel like my feet hang in the air when I'm trying to reach the bottom! ;)

  3. I are having the same problem with my mind Stephanie! I think it is too much winter being stuck in the house. lol Love your little treat boxes, they are so cute! Love the papers you used too. OMGosh, that is the same problem I'm having with my new washer. I can't reach the bottom because the thing is too deep! At 4 foot 11 inches, I can't reach much anyway. lol Hugs, Brenda

  4. Hey lady! Been wondering where you've been! Glad the new washer works great for ya! All you need is a small step stool and you'll be able to reach the bottom of that drum in no time! HA Your boxes are adorable! I downloaded this file.... but I see you only got 3 kisses in the box... I want to make something for Hunter's class but want to put at least 5 kisses maybe even 6... so that box might be too small for what I want.... Thanks for sharing your boxes.... :)

  5. Love the treat boxes and how small? So cute. Oh and don't fall in the washing machine LOL!

  6. Love your sweet boxes. Thanks for sharing.
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