Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A little more Easter

Can you believe Easter is in a few days? It came so fast. I haven't bought the basket candy yet. Every year I tell myself I'm not going to spend so much. But every year My hubby goes a little crazy if we don't have all the "staples" in the baskets.

It's just so hard. I try to  cut back, and then I find some candy we had as kids that I forgot about and I just have to get it.

I just need to grow up and fix the baskets like everyone is expecting!

My grandsons even love peeps. We never liked them but we always had them.  It all gets eaten. But all that sugar! Drives me crazy.

Oh well, here is some more Easter to look at.

The mug is a Dreaming Tree file. An Irish coffee mug for St. Patrick's Day. I just changed the color and the theme. The basket is a tutorial from Splitcoast Stampers that Brigitte Mann, a DT member of Dreaming Tree, made into an SVG and shared with all of us. I was so excited that she did that. I do not do well with measuring. If I cut 3 pieces of paper using the same measurements each time, I get 3 different sizes of paper. I have to have a machine do it. Love them.

So thanks for taking the time to stop by.
Hugs and God bless. Stephanie


  1. It is definitely throwing me off that Easter is coming so soon this year. Really wish we had more time. I'm not prepared at all, either, but with the kiddos being so big now, I don't really need to do anything. Not sure my son will even come home, as he was just here for spring break. :)
    Your spring Irish coffee mug and basket are adorable, Stephanie. I'm always so surprised the things you can create from paper. Loving the purple you used with the floral prints. And the flower vine cascading down the cup is amazing!

  2. I do the same thing Stephanie! I always say I'm gonna not over do it with the candy, but I always do! The kids never mind of course - and hey that's another fun thing about Easter! LOL I did cut back a lot this year though - I sent some goodies to my Marine and the rest is for my youngest boy - Oldest won't get anything! LOL See... I cut back! LOL LOVE your beautiful Coffee Mug! Great idea to change up the colors - so pretty with those flowers on it! And your basket is so sweet - more pretty flowers on it! Fab Projects! :)

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  3. Wow Stephanie your mug and basket are gorgeous! I love the colors and papers that you used! That basket especially is beautiful! I still cannot believe how expensive candy is period! Even during Halloween it costs a small fortune! But Easter has always been the day where colored eggs and candy were all the rave ... so it's expected to get it all lol. I hope you and the family have a beautiful and blessed Easter Holiday my friend!

  4. You have been busy! Love these pretty projects! Great way to get more uses from the Irish coffee the purples!


  5. Gorgeous! I just love all the pretty purples you have used for these fabulous creations! The deep color just sets off the pretty yellow flowers wonderfully. These are just lovely my friend!