Friday, June 11, 2010

Lite info and lagniappe(extra)

A nice lady, Judy, left me a comment about how to see what's on the new carts at And I thank you very much. But I found a place to see the pics even easier, My Pink Stamper blog. She has them listed with all the pics without clicking this and that. The pics are bigger, too and very clear.So it's easy to run through and get a good luck and compare to see exactly what interests you. Very cool.
Now, something that really excited me. Valerie at Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog emailed me and asked if I was OK with FCCB showing my hubby's birthday card. Isn't that cool. It made me feel good I can tell you. I've done a couple of challenges on that blog and had a good time. I love seeing what everyone creates. I would love to someday tryout for their design team, when I grow up. lol I'm so new at this blogging thing and not really sure about anything I am doing. Hopefully as I go along I'll get better and more interesting.
If anyone has any helpful hints they would be appreciated. Hope everyonehas a wonderful weekend. And get to craft a lot.

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