Saturday, July 17, 2010

Special happy birthday

Hi, everyone. Hope you are having a great weekend. Mine has been very laid back. I even got to make a card this morning. This card needed to be made.

You see, this particular cousin is a male. In our house my dad was the only male, 5 daughters, I'm the oldest. Anyway, this particular summer when I was 13 or 14 this cousin came to spend a few weeks with us.

We weren't used to having another male around 24/7. He drove me nuts! He was only 3 weeks younger than me, but he was like a bratty little brother. He called me "aged" and "ancient one".

I nearly went out of my mind from the constant teasing.

He contacted me last month for my B-day to say Happy Birthday to the "ancient one". Well, this month it's his b-day and now we're both 60. So you see I had to make this card.

I used Beyond Birthdays, Storybook,Base Camp and New Arrival.

Hope he likes it!!! LOL


  1. Great Card and Story Stephanie!!! I like how it came out and how the outside looks masculine and the kicker is in the inside! Nice work Lady! :) Enjoy your weekend! :)

  2. Stuff-
    This is just toooo perfect for that irritating-older-brother-type-cousin of ours! I know he will love it. You did a great job!! You realize tho, this may be the start of a whole new tradition!