Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Blog Award!!!

A fav photo - PawPaw with our 3 youngest grandsons. This is rule no. 4. Sorry, but when I post a pic, it always goes back to the top.

This morning I grabbed my coffee and stumbled to my computer to get my daily inspiration "fix" from all the wonderful blog updates I receive. Through half-opened eyes, two little words caught my attention - BLOG AWARD!! I was immediately wide awake. Cheryl Gaffney at picked me to receive this wonderful award. Thank you so much Cheryl. This blogging doesn't come easy to me but I love doing it. It really makes my day when someone, especially someone as talented as Cheryl, takes notice. So thank you so much for choosing me, Cheryl.

Here are the rules:

1.Thank the person who sent it to you

Thank you, Cheryl

2.copy award to your blog

3.list 3 things you love about yourself

A. I love spending time with my family

B. I love that I can still creats cards that my family enjoys

C. I love the fact that I make a killer mac and cheese the whole family loves

4. Post a picture you love (see top)

5. send the award to 5 more blogs you admire
Scrapper 69 and misslucky at
Jeannie Phillips at aplace for my cards
Emma at mycreativetime
Tracy at craftjunkietoo
Nana Donna at mycarddreamsblog
Thank you all for inspiring me on a daily basis.
A very big special thanks again to Cheryl!


  1. Thank you! I Appreciate the award and you thinking of me! :o)

  2. Congrats on your award! AND~ THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THINKING ABOUT ME my friend! This was VERY SWEET & THOUGHTFUL of you!
    Big Gypsy Hugs,