Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thank you for BFF

My best friend and neighbor just cameback from a vacation. They went to North Carolina and Washington, DC. They had a great time and one place they really liked was a huge farm they went to. You could buy fruit already picked or pick your own. They missed the blueberries but were able to get the farms own strawberry cider. I'm so lucky because they brought me a bottle back. So I'm sending strawberry thanks to them.


  1. Cute card Stephanie love the strawberry paper
    Nana Donna

  2. Very Cute! I really like the Strawberry paper that matches... They will love it! :o) And I bet that Strawberry Cider will taste yummy! There is a farm in Las Vegas that I had found shortly before I had to move.... and they make the Best Apple Cider on the planet! :o) If I could order it and ship it here I totally would do that! :o)

  3. Don't open it til we come in for a visit!!!
    (Roxie will love the card!)