Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good mornig

I hope everyone has recovered from the Imagine launch. I did not plan to order, I thought it cost too much. I'm very happy with my "E". But I still watched the launch. The machine fascinates me. I never even told my hubby about the new machine when it was announced this summer. I really had no intention of buying one. He saw it on HSN on Tuesday and kind of turned up his nose and said "Oh boy another new one, expensive." I told him I thought so too. Might be nice to have someday, but I was happy with what I had. A few minutes later he came back and said if you want one you should get it. I still did not order. I started reading all the info on the Imagine. (again) It was very hard to decide to order. ($500.00 is about 15 new carts, I always think in terms of carts I could buy) Anyway after about 2 hours I finally ordered (the 2 extra carts helped).
Yesterday , I kept thinking maybe I shouldn't have done it. (ink is another expense) What if I can't figure it out? What if I hate it? I really love my DS, use it for everything. To me it's easier that the Gypsy. Now I've got to get proficient with the "G". I even tried to cancel my order, but it was already processing. I never had anything process that quickly before. Anyway, today I got an email that it had shipped. I sure hope it's as easy to learn as they said or I'm up a creek without a paddle. Wish me luck.
God Bless everyone (me, too! I think I'm going to need it)
I can't wait to see what comes out today for Hello Thursday.


  1. Oh.....I think we all will have to learn it and get used to it... and then wonder how we ever got along without it!

  2. Well Congrats!!! I actually had purchased it to... then I realized I didn't need it... So I canceled my order with no problem..... I thought it was a good deal with the extra carts but I thought ink was tooo costly in the long run.. I have a brand new Printer coming anyway... It prints 13x 19 size (and cheaper than the Imagine) :o)... and has 10 ink cartridges.... :o) You may think thats alot... but I only have to replace the colors that go out.... and they never go out at the same time... I think that what was my big issue with the Imagine was the ink... Cause Tri-colors are not really cost effective... once 1 color goes out you have to replace the whole thing... where as if just my yellow goes out I can replace that only without having to buy all 10 at the same time... :o) I also found out that they are making the Imagine compatible with the Design studio... Sooo that is a good thing! I LOVE my DS! and I don't own a G and that would have been another cost I didn't want to pay for!
    I am thrilled for everyone who purchased it.... and I know you will have soooo much fun learning how to play with it! :o)

  3. All I know is....I don't trust any man (especially my brother-in-law!)who TELLS you maybe you should order a $500 machine! He's up to something...a new gun perhaps????