Monday, September 20, 2010

Imagine situation

Well I finally took it out of the box.Took about 2 hrs to calibrate everything. I'm sorry, but I need more instructions. I mean step by step with pictures. Not little vague references to things. The manuel should explain every word and symbol on every screen. The words at the bottom of the screen I can't even read. It took an hour to find how to size an image. It wasn't until I went to the message board and watched a video about printing a sentiment on the card and she showed where she resized it. I found it on my screen, but I wouldn't have known what it was if not for that video. I'm just not very happy with this thing right now. I don't like the new mats. The paper doesn't stick worth a darn and if you look at an angle, there's spots that look like there is no glue.
I'm still trying to figure things out.Some parts of the images you probably shouldn't change colors. One had several flowers that were different colors and when I edited the color it changed into one solid blob. I can't figure out how to cut each layer separate. I'm going to look for a tutorial . I would like to get something out of all this time. PC I really need real instructions. I didn't pay $500. for this terrible headache. Good night everyone. Hope yours hasn't been as stressful as mine.


  1. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles Stephanie... It makes me kind of glad that I canceled my order.... :o) although I did order the newer mats to see how they would be.... but I've been hearing that people are having trouble with them... Sooo now I'm nervous about getting my new mats.... I'm sure you will figure that big old machine out soon.... I agree that their should be more instructions for it... but leave it up to PC to not do that! :o) I did get my new Canon Printer .... I LOVE IT! And the individual ink tanks too.... they are soooo much better than a tri-color cartridge! Let me know how it goes! :o)

  2. I agree that it is rediculous not to have detailed instructions for such an expensive machine. I had the same problem with the gypsy....but did finally figure out how to use it with the help of fellow artists. Provo Craft, you need to listen. How much can it cost to publish an instruction manual? You even get one with $49 software programs!
    Good luck with the Imagine.

  3. I totally agree with everything you stated. For the price we paid, it should come with a full users manual. It's impossible to read those little words on the screen. Which by the way, I've learned they are "true" and "rel" for true size and relative size, although I'm still trying to figure out how and when to use which one! Ridiculous! I also had trouble trying to change the color on individual cuts. I hope ProvoCraft hears all of our complaints and issues! They went through the cost of making that good-for-nothing dvd with Jinger Adams, why not have her walk us through the ENTIRE machine and ALL of the functions?!

  4. I am so sorry your exciting purchase turned into a headache. I didn't order the Imagine because I knew there was going to be a big learning curve and after all the years I was in legal work, I am tired of learning curves. I have an issue with the Cricut user manuals because they printed the name of each cut in pink or white or light blue....and I cannot read them even with my trusty magnifying glass. I cannot imagine why they would not have put those die cut descriptions in black ink. I hope everything gets worked out on the Imagine.