Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lyrical Letters B-day card

Good afternoon. I hope everyone is having a peaceful Sunday. I learned how to post and upload pics to the new MB. I thought I was going to be left behind. Everytime I get used to some format and feel comfy using it, It changes. It's hard for my brain to switch gears. For a while I was using my Gypsy, then it was just easier to use DS since my E is hooked up to it and it's all right there on the computer. I don't even have to get up. I can design and turn in my chair to the right and cut. Now I've got to get my brain wrapped around the G again, since the Imagine is coming tomorrow. I think I need some "push-ups" for my brain.

Anyway today I made a b-day card for a cousin who will be very surprised. We haven't sent b-day cards since we were kids. I used Lyridal Letters for the whole thing. tfl


  1. I really like the Designer Paper! Your card came out lovely! :o)

  2. Beautiful card, Stephanie. Love the details.

  3. Wow, your card is so elegant and beautiful, love
    that so much!!

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  5. It's for cousin, Jerry, isn't it, Oh Ancient One???? hahahaha You need to direct him to your blog!