Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby is mended - YEA!!!

Thank you so much for your sweet thoughts. My grandson was able to go back to preschool today. I guess he had a 24 hr. virus. He sure did not appreciate it. He is never sick like that.
But he's all better, I'm the one that's tired. We're kind of getting back to normal.
I made a deal with myself. Everyday I have to cut something with my cricut. Even if I don't have a particular card or project in mind, just cut something. Of course, Gabe always has something for me to cut.
I think we'll all feel better if I get a little cricut time in each
Have a great evening and God Bless!


  1. Glad he is feeling better! Happy crafting today!!

  2. Sooo Glad your GS is doing better! It's never any funny when they get sick... especially when you can only do so much for them and whatever it is has to do it's thing.... At least it was only 24hrs. :o)
    Now get back to crafting lady! :o) Can't wait to see what ya make next! :o)